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  • senor_de_la_vega senor_de_la_vega Oct 20, 1999 8:17 AM Flag

    bebe beats estimates - .30 cents eom


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    • beleive me i am great fan of BEBE...I hope to share some good information in order to enhance our investments...

    • what I thought from the little bits I had seen
      about the shoes. That might be the best news of all.
      Living in Santa Monica, CA as well as travelling
      extensively, I know that for the most part LA sets the fashion
      trends that most of America and a large part of the
      world (Asia, South Am, Middle East) will

      I cannot think of a bigger opportunity than shoes,
      because they are to women, what women are to a lot of men
      i.e. cannot get enough. I am not going to comment on
      the relative health of these compulsions, but it is
      safe to say it is good for the company that provides
      what they are jonesing for.

      Nordstrom and Saks
      are known for having the best shoe departments in LA
      so to outperform @ "Nordy" is a very good

      Good luck longs and shorts, although from the look of
      things now the shorts are the only ones who need it,
      because everything else seems to be lining up with the
      longs. Late.

    • to seeing what happens when the investment
      community becomes familiar with it. If this is just shorts
      covering, I can't wait to see what happens when investors
      and institutions actually start buying. Again, as we
      approach old highs, I look forward to nice breakout in
      50's by mid-2000.

    • is going to make us all money. I don't care how you spell money so long as it is green. Sorry if I offended...just playing with you. Board was getting a little boring.

    • I'm long and bullish on BEBE. We're on the same team so let's stop playing games.

    • What more would you have the company do?

      1. The company has produced 12 consecutive quarters
      of double-digit comp store increases (that's 3 years
      2. The company has the highest pre-tax operating
      profit margins of any apparel retailer in the US.
      The company has only 104 store; talk about growth
      potential. Ann Taylor has 390 stores as a comparison.
      The CFO has been on CNBC 3 times in the past
      10months, not bad for a small-cap company.
      5. The
      CEO/Founder is featured on the Nov.1 cover of Forbes, the
      most respected financial magazine in the US, maybe the
      6. The stock is up 136% in the last 18 months.
      They're opening at least 20 more stores each year for the
      next 5 years - CFO says maybe as many as 129, already
      8. Their web store is showing incredible grow and
      actually making a profit on it's own.
      9. CFO - Lambert
      and VP Stores - Charles, have given great bebe
      presentations at the H&Q and Bear Stearns Retail Growth Stock
      Conferences; H&Q and Bear Stears both have Buy ratings and
      stock price targets of $47-$52.
      10. New shoe line is
      exceeding their own targets and is the #1 fashion shoe
      brand in Nordstrom, LA market.
      11. New bbsp concept
      highlights their fastest turning, highest margin goods in a
      separate retail format. Could be another vehicle for
      growth opportunities.

      Just maybe the company has
      right. Maybe investors should do a little more work.

    • This company is one of the best performers in the
      retail market, yet one of the most undervalued. Based on
      technicals and general analysis, one can only conclude that
      investors are not aware of the big investment opporunity
      BEBE has for the retail sector.

      The company
      should do something about presenting the potential of
      the company to all investor

      Investment Relations: take note...

    • All reliable research indicates the ability to
      spell proves little more than one has the ability to
      spell. There is no known correlation between that
      ability and intelligence. Maybe we should confine
      ourselves to discussion of the stock. I think most of us
      would appreciate that.

    • Douchebagsayswhat?

    • that gives you away!

      It's ColOmbia, if you
      mean the country.

      With an O.

      So now we
      know that you can't spell Warren Buffett's name and
      you can't spell the name of the country you are

      You ARE stupid.

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