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  • senor_de_la_vega senor_de_la_vega Jan 7, 2000 3:41 PM Flag

    I just talked to Blair Lambert,

    honestly. He actually returned my phone call,
    which is great!! I'm glad he did. He obviously did not
    say anything that is not public info, but made me
    feel reassured that everything is A-OK with the

    He said that he had talked to all the
    analysts after the press release yesterday and that they
    were all very positive (now its their

    One question I asked Mr. Lambert was whether or not
    Greg Scott was involved in the design process. His
    answer was NO (great news, at least to me). He also
    reiterated that they have a great team on merchandising with
    many years of experience.

    Now, I will not let
    shorts and panic take the better of me. I'm not selling.
    This is a great company.

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    • Order clothes from their website. That should drive the prices up!!

    • Excuse the hell out of me, but the wife is at the
      helm. I have an order in to buy Bebe. I agree this
      stock is a great buy. Dartman and the boys were
      dicussing new ad techniques for the stock. No, I am not
      fat, and I would look fabulous in Bebe's clothes at
      5'8 and 125lbs. I'd love to wear Bebe. There is no
      stores within 300 miles of me. So fu## off.

    • always a wow from me.

      first of all, the
      wife that stole your husbands chat handle, give it
      back, you won't buy bebe because your fat and you'd
      look only more fat in BEBE. :)

      I said yesterday
      I talked to Jim Gassmann, and he stated Bebe is
      poised to move 50-100% higher within 30
      days.............Jim if you don't know is the man from SW securities
      that's covering bebe with a "buy".

      His personal
      phone number is . (214) 859-6371 or toll free (during
      business hours)
      (888) 338-1300.

      And if you guys
      want ANY more reason to buy BEBE just let this guy
      talk your ear off.

      Scotts dissapeareance won't
      make much of a difference, things don't change over
      night, and if you didn't know this, BEBE was growing
      just as fast PRE-scott, and will continue to grow at
      the current pace. If you actually think scott had
      something to do with the have a little
      misunderstanding of how retail stores work.


      z out

    • you a clue. Remember the 2 1/2 day rule.
      bad news comes out or good news comes out, a volatile
      stock has 2 1/2 days of reaction. When a stock shoots
      up many move in short at the close that day. Wrong!
      there is 1 1/2 more days left before it tops. Same as
      when a stock drops. Look at BEBE it bounced off of
      it's day low on Friday.
      FRIDAY, FRIDAY another very
      important psychological factor. Many don't want to deal
      with an unliked position over the weekend. If a stock
      has not had 2 1/2 days to react, the weekend break
      could represent the needed barrier to reverse the
      course of movement. Well we had both. The Friday cutoff
      and the 2 1/2 day reversal.
      To best benefit from
      this fact is to also combine the details of the
      driving news ( i.e. earnings warning, stock split or in
      this case an individual leaving the company).
      was an excuse for manipulation and an over reaction.
      The stock was on it's way up to 30 begining it's pre
      earnings run up when it got hit by this benign news. This
      should've been a 1 point drop and lasted only an hour or
      two. Therefore every indication is that under 25
      you're buying a fire sale and under 30 you're buying it
      CHEAP, especially before earnings after the HOLIDAY

    • count. BTW, I just saw the bbsp logo advertised in a bus stop. It looked great.

      Maybe a good omen!!

    • BEBE is behaving normally, it is following the
      infantile rules of buy the rumor sell the news and it is
      being played by the MM's like an old violin. First,
      they releasse news of the exec Scott resigning. The
      timing obviously was chosen very carefully. Obviously
      they could have released this after the SSS figure.
      Think about it. That would have gapped up the stock and
      then when the Scott news came out investors woiuld
      have felt betrayed big-time. Their strategy was not
      only capital preservation but to maintain investor
      confidence in management. Right now BEBE is a GIFT. The
      microseconds BEBE kissed the 18's on Friday was technically a
      cute double intraday bottomn. Remember a stock always
      moves on news, that is the nature of the MM. If it
      doesn't go up it goes down to support/resistance. To all
      those sexy ladies out there, go buy some BEBE...

    • I don't know if this fits your case exactly but
      it certainly sounds like it. Regardless, I
      appreciate your taking the time to explain the "set up".
      These are the kind of posts that are of help now and
      will be in future trading. Thank you. I hope the
      bottom has been reached.

    • I am not sure I agree with this 100%. Someone
      fired Greg and they did it 2 weeks shy of an Q report.
      Coincidence, I do not think so. There may be several things at
      play here, but if this stock was a tech stock it would
      have skyrocketed on Friday. I do not think anyone
      really knows what the hell this market is doing or is
      going to do. It is nuts. I swear there are too many 21
      year olds with computers that are driving this market
      and they don't even know what a P/E is. I have
      decided to jump in Monday morning. I better put my money
      where my mouth is.

    • [continuation of Cramer article]

      "How will
      you know when the piece is finally cleared and the
      stock is safe again? When you see a huge increase in
      the volume. That's the only tell there is. When you
      see a stock trade 200,000 shares that usually only
      trades 30,000 share an hour -- that's the signal. That
      is the time you have to pounce.

      And pounce
      you must. Because everyone who is short the stock in
      anticipation of the piece will have to cover on the piece. The
      piece, which looked so heavy at 55, looks well placed at
      50 or 51. It looks well placed because it is. That's
      the beauty of how well the market works a piece. The
      increase in volume shows that the market has digested the
      piece. The short-covering firms it. The next thing you
      know, you are out of the sand trap and going

      Wait for the volume. Then move. Not before, though.
      And not much after either because you will just end
      up paying mid-50s again!

      This is a
      time-honored process. It never changes. It is happening now
      all over the Street. So be careful out there." [end
      of article]

      Does this scenario sound
      familiar? Looks as if somebody with big bucks agrees with
      those of us who think BEBE has a golden future. Volume
      Friday was 3 1/2 times average volume. Was this the day?
      Can anyone tell us about any unusually large trades?

    • I'm impressed by the good doc, good

      many things to say.......

      first of all, I have
      personally 4930 shares. I also have 20 clients that to my
      knowledge all own shares, I don't have the info. at home to
      track the exact number but they will not sell until I
      give the que.

      my average price is

      I would like to set a limit sell in at 60, but I
      honestly don't see that as reasonable in a 6 month period,
      I think 40 sounds more duable, and 39 3/4 more
      realistic........I currently have limit orders in ON ALL my accounts
      for 29 3/4, but am willing to change, and WILL change
      if bebe sees 25 in 7 days...... you have my word on

      I did email all the analysts covering bebe, or the
      6 I could get a hold of.

      I ended up only
      getting 1 response today, from Jim Gassman of southwest
      securities, the man I hate the most, BUTTTTT

      He claims
      at the current price he will be buying more bebe
      himself on Monday, and as for an upgrade, they usually
      never upgrade a falling knife. But a bottom would help
      and it looks close.

      I wasn't really satisfied
      but it kept me from selling all.

      I sold Dell
      today to add to my position, and am considering selling
      WCOM for another addition Short term........still
      debating that one.

      Look at the chart of NITE, in
      sept. I lost $250,000 on nite and the charts are almost
      identical........both painful, the difference I can see bebe at 40 by
      winters end.

      If you're growing at 15% a
      year, and a year est. upped to the 2.00 range with a
      stock price of just $9, you have a forward P/e of 4!!,
      and a PEG of .02!!! WHO am I???

      Topp, my only
      other "100% double coming this year" check it out, they
      beat est. by 85% yesterday, and had a cnbc man state
      "its a FAD company" NOT really sure he deserves oxygen
      to breath, but to each his own. Just check this one
      out too, not to often I get 2 so UNDERvalued


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