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  • buffetts_dartman buffetts_dartman Jan 14, 2000 8:01 PM Flag


    Will be interesting to see what BEBE does through
    January. I actually find BEBE very easy to predict. The
    20's are not even worth my time. It's just a matter of
    weeks before we leave them again. I am concentrating on
    breaking through $50. I am looking for signs of it.
    Investor sentiment concerns me. Not a lot of people on the
    boards/public that seem to believe BEBE is a solid long term
    investment. Again, I know more than most on this one and know
    that it is. We will have trouble breaking resistance
    at $28 , $32 and $50 if everybody keeps taking
    profits. My wish is that people would let it ride.
    Becoming a rolling stock, which is not what I'm looking
    for here. Anyway, I'm bullish as ever. True bull can
    post comments on both ends. That's the difference
    between an honest bull and a hypester.

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    • #2 best small company in America now selling at a
      50% discount to earnings:


      The 200 Best Small Companies Database

      Even with a brilliant product, your company won't get
      off the ground without getting noticed. So how do you
      do it?

      Entrepreneur as Stunt Man

      Melanie Wells

      courtroom in her first season on Ally McBeal wearing a Bebe
      skirt not much larger than a headband. It was a
      resounding call to working women across the country.
      Hemlines rose; slacks were sacked. And by bagging the most
      popular female actress on television, Bebe
      Stores--purveyor of some of the skimpiest women's clothing off the
      rack--sashayed onto the mainstream fashion scene.

      season Bebe (pronounced BEE-bee) nabbed Sarah Michelle
      Gellar, star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and idol of
      American teenage girls. All told, the clothier is now
      dressing a dozen prime-time stars, an astonishing
      marketing coup done entirely on the cheap. These women
      aren't paid to wear the body-conscious clothes. But when
      they do deck out in Bebe it can mean brisk business
      for the 104-store chain. In 1997, for instance, there
      was a run on a $300 Bebe tweed suit after Brooke
      Shields wore it on an episode of Suddenly Susan. In New
      York the suit sold out within a week.

      Hollywood hype helped put 23-year-old Bebe, once just
      another obscure retailer, on the national map--and land
      the number two spot on the FORBES list of 200 Best
      Small Companies in America this year. Earnings have
      increased by an annual average of 68% for the past five
      years. Sales, which totaled $201 million, have grown 38%
      a year for the same period.

    • Tommorow will be a landmark day. Geeeeeze what a stock this is....

    • Should be exciting ones. May even add to my
      already large, cheap position. Why not? Is there a better
      investment out there? if so, I don't know about

      Am in suspense though now about earnings. depending
      on how good they are we could make a ton of money,
      or just a little. My prediction is the former. But
      anything in between would be okay as well I guess.

    • tomorrow.

      Guess I'll have to wait another
      day to watch BEBE continue it's move

      I've pulled every BEBE report I can find on the net,
      and the numbers look just great.

      Good luck to
      all. Let's at least agree not to seel until the 30's.
      After that, it's up to you. The more I read, the more I
      think I may hold out for 40.


    • BEBE is one of the most undervalued stocks you
      can buy right now. This is a steal of the century.
      Bought 2000 shares at 2 1/4 and put in my GTC sell limit
      in at 40. Nothing like an easy double

      Go BEBE!

    • It has been a very interesting learning
      experience for me. The volatility of this stock is amazing!
      I do know one thing, I have never been involved in
      a chat room where there is more passion and love
      for the stock and the market in general. A lot of
      interesting and smart people willing to make a case for what
      they believe. I truely hope that we all succeed in our

    • That's a nice profit. By then momentum traders
      and upward manipulators will be all over Bebe. But
      I've learned that Bebe is one stock you can depend on
      to outperform once it's headed to its heights. Let's
      just hope profits give it a big boost. The size of
      profits and forward-looking strategy could deternmine a
      ten point differential. Best earnings - $50 again.
      Steady but just good - maybe $40.
      I know if they put
      me in charge of Bebe now I'd run it into a global
      name and mamek it a $200 stocks but I'm just a wee
      stockholder speculating on their excellent performance and
      potential. Still I will disappointed if I don't double that
      block I bought at 19 3/4. Congrats to those who got it
      at $18+. I tried but wasn't quick enough. But
      looking forward again, we're at 22. Likely 25 or more
      this week. From there we're poised to make the 20's
      history. And then - who knows but I'm confident. very

    • it usually runs all the way to its

      The only problem w/ this is that BEBE does not have
      much history being public, thus you can only look back
      for comparison about 1 year... not much of a history
      of movement.

      It never has hit 50 again and
      was there for a brief moment in time..

      I will
      sell 30-33.

    • <This co. is frustrating because it should not
      be so volatile with great #'s Q after

      The volatility is caused by a small float. (The cheif
      problem for the stock) The only cure is to increase the
      float....(painful for the stock price) The small float keeps many
      fund managers out of the stock, as they cannot justify
      having someone closely follow a stock that they hold a
      very small position in. (relative to the size of the
      fund). They cannot take a large position as it would be
      to difficult to unwind without killing the stock
      price. The other unfortunate reality of a small float is
      that there are far too few firms who have their retail
      analysts covering the stock.

    • real tempting to me but I don't like the way the
      stock is so weak. It could go down to 50. I believe if
      it breaks 70 it will force a few margin calls.
      also think for a company of it's size INTC was
      manipulated and is way ahead of itself. It looks like it's
      becoming bloated enough for a good slaughter. I believe if
      we can time it right alongside MSFT earnings, it'll
      be a good short the day after MSFT reports ( around
      the 109 110 price range should be the top, as I
      believe there might be one more weak leg to the upside

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