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  • stockmarketstar stockmarketstar Jun 28, 2010 2:55 PM Flag

    Are things finally going our way??

    I would think the price woudl get some upside this week if index finds are adding IEC to their mix. However I think anyone buying big on this stock has to be carefull not to push it past the price it's really worth. This stock could easily be manipulated. With only 9 million shares out, $36-40 million buys the company. Hard to beleive there hasn't been a few offers. I think that's really where the holdup it for upside. Unless you are a fund or an individual with a longer term horizon you could sit on this stock for a while. Calipers is is a good example, they can keep this stock forever. I think a lot of people complaining about the stock price are are more short term. So what you gonna do if it jumps 5 or 6 points , sell and move on to another 2 dollar stock and complain it's not moving. Witht he growth and earning, not to mention the new $6mil contract, I beleive this stock will be double by this time next year. Stock prices don't move in straight lines. But I'm sure most of you want that double right now....

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