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  • bamebecu bamebecu Feb 20, 2013 10:54 AM Flag

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    World's First Quadband/8 Port Slimline Antenna Ramping to Meet WorldWide Demand
    5 hours 19 minutes ago - PRWeb via Comtex
    Quintel(R), a leading innovator of spectrally efficient, and space efficient antennas for wireless networks, has completed ramping up the production of its industry leading MultiServ Quadband 8 Port Antenna and now has the flexibility to meet whatever volume is required by our customers. Quintel is partnered with IEC Electronics of Newark, New York for the production of the entire MultiServ product line. We chose IEC due to both their unique technical capability and their proximity to us.
    The Quintel MultiServ Quadband 8 Port Antenna with patented QTilt(TM) technology uniquely delivers four independent service tilts in a single slim-line 12" (300mm) wide antenna that is now available in multiple lengths. This enables existing Cellular (850MHz) and PCS (1900MHz) Band antenna-constrained sites to be upgraded to LTE in both 700MHz & AWS bands with the replacement of one like for like antenna. Quintel antenna solutions enhance network efficiency, improve quality of service, mitigate tower loading concerns and lower environmental impact - with the lowest cost per transmitted bit. The Quintel MulitServ Quadband 8 Port Antenna is an ideal solution for independently optimizing multiple services when rapidly introducing new services. For those markets that have PCS and AWS spectrum which, when combined, would generate inter-band 3rd order Passive Intermodulation (PIM3) interference, this antenna offers enhanced PIM performance of -156dBc and for example will allow for the combination of those bands on the same polarized array for up to either 40W of composite power for each band, or 60W AWS and 30W PCS.

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    • would be nice to have a little more information, as to the size of the contract does this move iec to the next level etc. etc that's what I want to know

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      • Big,
        Barry actually answered a lot of questions on our new customer. Problem he was not sure being a new product how fast IEC could produce or customer sell. He expected at least $2 million 2013 but could be as much as $10million. Sounds like the next level if product performs as promised. Dream come true for cellular guys. Double the coverage with the same tower? big savings, better quality.

    • That is a good find. Thanks dude.

    • Who We Are
      Quintel is a leading innovator in the design, development, and delivery of network-efficient antenna solutions for wireless operators worldwide. Our products and services overcome prior limitations of network deployment to maximize the value of your wireless infrastructure. Our customers realize maximum network performance, speed and flexibility of new deployments, and gain significant cost advantages.

      Our Customers
      World-leading wireless operators across the Americas, Europe, and Asia are increasingly deploying our products, including AT&T, Vodafone, Telefónica O2 and Hutchison 3G.

      Our Solutions
      Quintel designs, develops and delivers scalable, multi-purpose antenna solutions that enable network operators to realize up to 40% cost savings in the deployment and operation of their infrastructure.

      Our highly flexible solutions help operators address the challenges of:

      Network growth and optimization
      Capacity and coverage scaling
      Capital expenditures and operating efficiency
      Service expansion and overlay with legacy services
      Operator sharing
      Antenna constrained sites

      Wireless operators enjoy greater optimization freedoms, higher field reliability, lower operational costs, simplified overall network design, and enhanced quality of service.

      Our Value
      We help leading wireless operators worldwide:
      Optimize Operator Networks

      Increase capacity
      Multiple services
      Multiple operators
      Scalable & extensible

      Enhance User Experience

      Improve coverage
      New services

      Maximize Financial Benefits

      Lower capital costs
      Lower operating expenses
      Quicker time-to-revenue

      Mitigate Environmental Impact

      Fewer Antennas
      Better utilization of prime sites
      Fewer regulatory approvals

      Our Technology
      Quintel technology provides multiple beams with independent tilt optimization for each individual operator, or access technology (i.e. “service”), on a single standard-size antenna in the same frequency band. Multiple wireless operators, or multiple access technologies, can now coexist on common bands and antennas while achieving the benefits of complete independent optimization for each service.

      Unlike the conventional approach to optimization, which may require twice the number of antennas, our more elegant solution effectively doubles the output of conventional antennas while preserving total independent control and operation. This innovative approach enables network expansion and consolidation with far greater output, maximum control, and significantly reduced cost.

      Additional benefits include:

      Increased site capital assets
      Lower utilization of site operating costs
      Reduced time-to-market
      Minimized planning/zoning concerns
      More efficient, affordable expansion/consolidation of wireless networks.

      Finally, Quintel ensures scaling and flexibility across the full range of technologies (i.e., GSM, UMTS, cdma2000, EVDO, and LTE) and spectrum bands (i.e., 700, 800/850, 900, 1800, 1900, 2100, AWS and 2600 MHz).

      Our Locations
      Quintel operates its headquarters in Rochester, New York, USA with additional offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

    • Yes indeed thank you -bamebecu

    • That's a huge find bamebecu. Nice pick up. This is potentially very large business for IEC. Also noticed today that IEC's institutional interest keeps climbing its 12.5% as reported today. I also see volume has been higher than average ever since earnings report and that has not happened to my knowledge in the past. IEC will be bought and some folks know it. When and how much.......when and how much........

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Now we know who is the communication company had trouble to ramp up as Barry mentioned in the earning conference call. Problem or problems had been solved.

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