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  • tammysguy436 tammysguy436 May 11, 2003 7:04 AM Flag


    Transfers into the Gatehouse will be on
    the rise now. Seems their surveillance cam
    on the edge of the fence allows for some
    great post-sunset close ups inside of the
    Womans Fitness Center across the street.

    Imagine, an upgrade and a free peep show
    (benifit ? ) in the same month! Life is
    good for those pesky guards!!!

    I wonder how the Owners/Patrons are going
    to react to this ? Wonder if it makes it
    on the CNN evening news ? I wonder how this
    impacts their "first" female Site Manager?

    How's this - a pay web cam site listed as :

    A "Taste" of Wallingford ?

    P.S. Happy Mothers Day

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    • Get a life...

      As sad is may seem, the only people that
      "talk" on this Message Board are doing it
      to either air grievances with the Company /
      Union, or the occasional Company related

      As a whole, it's a DEAD board in relation
      to most other Message Boards on Yahoo.

      Look around, check out BA or HAL or GE.
      Their Boards are ALIVE with "discussions"
      and this one's only used by OLD
      TIMERS obsessed with an occasional stock
      question or hotheads like Chinlee. In a
      company this size there should be postings
      every 10 minutes from around the world.

      I suggest you treat this Board like your
      TV. If you don't like what your reading
      then don't open it up. It is a public
      Board and as such can be used by anybody
      inside of outside of the Company. It is
      NOT the private Message Board for a few
      grumpy old Cytec dinosaurs.

    • GET A LIFE!!!!!

    • I did, and he's doing just fine. He reads
      your posts like most people read the comics
      in the paper.

      And the Union will "change". I will quote
      you on that in the future. Your Union is
      as effective as a condom on a corpse and
      YOUR own posts prove that.

    • Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa

      my friend like i said time to come hr boss "stock" will fall......wait and see.....hahahahaaaaaaaa......a storm is brewing.....since you are in the click, meaning you are in management walk in to your pals office the hr boss and ask him how are things going...hahahahaaaaaaaaa...i will tell you more next time mr friend........remember i tell you this "a storm brewing"

      the union will change.

    • "A storm brewing"...methinks it's more a pot
      of weak Tea. Your "Union" is a but a "paper
      Tiger. That explains your H. R. Managers
      string of past success in Arbvitration as
      well as in Negotiations.

      Your Unions "relationship" with Management is
      far more congenial that you can imagine and
      it's about to improve even more...wink wink.

      Legal fees - that's in the Company Budget and
      that much less you earn. Pity you haven't been
      able to grasp that concept.

      As for your side, you people would be far
      better off taking the "dues" your paying
      for nothing ( quite honestly ) and putting
      it into Cytec stock.

      After all you are there to make money for me
      not play the fools.

    • Hahahahahaha...first you have to pass the test to get in.

      trouble on the high sea for hr is the legal fees for wallingford now a days mr. Hr manager? maybe the board of directors should take a very close look at the legal fees for civil matters for that plant. something is very very very wrong in that place.

      last contract hr manager wanted to get rid of the guards...this contract he gave them an upgrade

      last contract hr manager wanted to get rid of the yard gang....this contract he gave them an upgrade.

      the question to ask is what or who was "sacrifice" for this?

      i hope this new substance abuse policy is a two way street and not a one way. whats good for the union members should be good for management too.

      if a union member has reasonable suspicion of illgal drug use or impairment from alcohol, based on supervisor abnormal performance and conduct. Can that union member turn that supervisor in? And if so will that union member be protected from riprisal from that supervisor in the long run?

      a word of caution to union members if you have a alcohol and or drug problem, please seek help from your own doctor. do not and i repeat do not give the hr department control over your life, you will be sorry in the long run.

      thats it for now boys and girls be good and if you cant be good be safe.

      • 2 Replies to chinleestar
      • Wallingford. They should shut down the whole damn plant. The landfill next door is worth more and is more productive. Polluted groundwater for miles (methyl formcel by the 100,000's of gallons missing....duh), formaldehyde fumes to kill all the birds, IWT fish killer discharges, add this on top of lousy quality resins, lazy workers, a bad union and worthless management. How much more downsizing will it take? Course you can't shut down the whole place, otherwise Cytec would have to pay 100's of millions in remediation costs. Site pollution ... only thing keeping this plant open.

        Stock is starting to tank, any sellers?

      • Ahhhhhhhhhh Chinster returns!!!

        Got over your fired Guard friend yet ?

        Yard Gang got an upgrade because
        your Union President is in that Dept
        and it's just a case of your much
        hated H.R. Manager throwing him a
        bone for a job well done. Funny you
        don't comment on that one?

        Gate House got an upgrade cause there's
        all new people. The "riff--raff" are no
        longer there. Shipping was also given
        an upgrade but that was to soften the
        effect of outside departments being able
        to displace them in the future. ( Only the
        least senior have to sweat that change as
        the others reap the rewards ).

        Upgrades in three Departments total what...
        20 jobs. The rest of the plant got shafted.

        Production workers got screwed ( as usual )
        only getting more WORK added to their jobs
        while they ( admittedly ) save each of
        their Departments MILLIONS of dollars.
        They have only themselves to blame for
        accepting this on-going insult.

        As for the Drug Policy,only a UNION man would
        bitch about his members being screened for
        drugs. When some drunk / drugged up looser
        mixes the wrong stuff and blows your Plant
        up then you'll bitch that the Company did
        not do enough. How do you sleep at night
        knowing who the abusers are and saying
        nothing while they endanger your jobs.

        PS...good luck on your bid for Union Pres.

        PPS. Who was SACRIFICED ? Eric. He went
        quietly. ( a bone for a job well done )

    • More crap from the Wallingford Whiners. Does anyone there have a life? Why not take up your grievances with someone who can do something about it? Posting here is not entertaining to anyone but you.