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  • mr_bigasheeta mr_bigasheeta Feb 1, 2008 10:28 AM Flag

    I AM SHORT AT 58

    Last time I tried this short was at 52.5 and I was stopped out at 53. Shoot!
    So now I will try it again at 58 and let it run to 58.5 and quit or see how low it will go.
    The last low was 46.
    This time it may get into the thirtys.
    How about a target of 33, Kiddz?
    Wish me luck. And I wish you longs good will too.
    This aint personal, just biddnezz.

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    • So, I don't short only because I really don't know how. However,I can see where there was big $$ made by those who play that side during this sub prime thing. I have a friend that didn't do too well shorting and doesn't really know what to do right now. I thought Cytec could have gone to 40 last week but look what happened. I added 200 shares at 47 and would have done the same at 43 if she would have gone there. This is not a 40$ stock anymore. International business and composites are all a huge plus. That said, this market will correct and CYT will go backwards from a point. Hopefully when it reaches into the 60's if we continue to rally next week.

    • I don't know, but maybe, just maybe, you oughta check with me before your next move?