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  • dexemployee dexemployee May 19, 2000 12:07 PM Flag

    Corp IT

    Having delt with Corp IT before (in a past life), it is true they are a bunch of losers who haven't a clue. They can't decide which horse to ride......

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    • i think pokemon has staying power....5 years and
      still big in japan. the no american market hasnt peaked
      and its just gettin started in europe and so
      america.....has the potential to double or triple revenues in the
      next few years imo. shorts are very disiplined
      institutionals. still they must eventually cover nearly 5 mill
      shares...thats a lot of buying....imo by the time poke peaks
      they will have enough other rev streams to more than
      cover it....success breeds success.

    • The strength could be as simple as in this market
      people want to see earnings..who knows?
      The real
      question-when things change will people feel better about
      owning 1k shares of
      dell or cyt and why? Agree about
      kide. Some really nice #'s. Are they sustainable? I
      a big squeeze will occur.In this market it didn't
      happen for optv when it should have been
      good for
      more than a buck. The downside was more lucrative.
      Most probably shorted kide in
      the 70-80 range. How
      much needed to really make them sweat? 10-15% pops
      more likely
      followed by short selling to cover more
      lower levels. Who are the big shorts there???
      appears to get more coverage late(3-4) then
      sold off
      next am.Is this what u see? Believe
      the shorts are
      a lot less than last #.I do
      notice that your
      proxy called for shares up from 20 mill with 12 issued
      now to 40 mill.They could do a 3:1 & still be not
      issued plus a new movie coming soon right?? Long
      term-good Sort term could happen but will
      jupiter align
      with mars? Don't know.How does this fit with what u
      see? A big player short?
      It's with great interest
      that the actual float
      is now being shown all of a
      sudden.A help to
      some big player?? Sorry for the
      wordiness but if somebody's going there they should know
      these things-Yes?

    • As a current employee, I take exception that the
      remaining employees are Deadwood. Get real. As for
      Southalaska's comment about DD, he has behaved like a loose
      cannon at this location also. He has obviously been sent
      in to shake things up. That could be good or it
      could be demoralizing. Wait and see.

    • Over the past five years CYFI has lost many people. The ones that remain are the ones that have no place to go and little to contribute.

      CYFI still needs to clean out the dead wood.

    • If Space didn't produce and employees left, it
      sounds good. (bad area anyway these days, just look at
      the degree of hand-holding that US is doing with the
      international space station, and wasting money waiting for
      Russia to meet any of their deadlines. Is CYT involved
      in any Brazil launched programs? ) I haven't seen
      any crowing about electronic biz lately, I think that
      management may believe what you indicated previously; buy
      the technology (and people).

      Some turnover is
      good. After buying Fiberite, then the downturn in the
      BA build rate it is a good sign if there is some
      shrinkage. It may even indicate a healthy direction. Then
      again, they may be losing anyone that is any good. I
      have no idea in this case. Anybody know? Good riddance
      or great loss?

    • Just heard of more personnel loses in the Space
      group at Cy-Fi. They have lost what? 50% of their
      people in the last 6 months? How much money has the
      company wasted on that fruitless effort?
      sales.....lots of expenses. Where is the management???????

      People are bailing because they know it's a loser. It's
      just another case of the ego of CY-FI management
      thinking they can build a competitive product from the
      ground up(i.e. electronic materials). I know that Cy-Fi
      has lost at least 10 people that have 15+ years in
      the past year..not counting all the people that left
      with fewer years...that should be a clue. That kind of
      turn-over shows that even the enployees don't have faith in
      the management. Has anyone taken a look at the
      turnover numbers? I am one of them, although I still have
      a very personal interest in the company for other

    • the stock is holding up very well. something may be up. id like to see some volume though.

    • You and I both know that you're right. Thanks to
      Mr. Heyman (ISP), DEX is sweatin' big time now. He
      just ratcheted the price for DEX back to $45 today!
      The DEX mgt. has to hold back the shareholders
      somehow, they already pushed the annual meeting back to
      this summer, times a tickin'. I smell a motivated
      seller and a value conscious buyer! With that and
      dumping Criterion, (what's the deal with that, no market
      reaction at all? (Maybe even a negative one?)) CYT should
      be looking at some nice growth this year. I just
      don't know what is keeping the money away.

    • Then you know dex. Corporate IT is riddled with
      ignorance and job security paranoia. You have to gaze
      deeply into the IT depts. of every traded company. Most
      IT budgets are largely mismanaged and run by
      incompetent employees who fell into their positions by lack
      of available (qualified) assets. IT budget have a
      definite impact on the bottom line. I have been following
      this and about 500 other stocks for the last 7 years.
      I have contacts within many of the companies I
      follow, including ones within the CYT upper echelon
      circle. I listened to these guys, thank GOD, and was
      smart enough to "dump" back in mid '98. SSA is just the
      tip of the iceberg. Look at the millions being thrown
      away at CYT in Louisiana with their IT outsourcing
      nightmare. Where is the ROI there? Look at IT at WI and
      Stanford. Tens, even hundreds of thousands are being
      squandered because there is no regulation from corporate
      CYT. What�s going to happen when CYT rolls out
      Windows2000 globally this year. Ouch!

      • 3 Replies to jeffsteel_2000
      • It sounds like it is time the CIO and the CTO to
        go if this is the direction ($$) they are taking
        Cytec's IT. It is their charge that is leading this
        course to spend and spend. It seems like they do not
        understand ROI.. Maybe the CIO should go back to servicing
        and selling HP equipment and the CTO go back to

      • Since I can't find any existing listings for
        either you, yankeepolice, or lifo_99, and it seems that
        those three identities have a mutual fan club, its easy
        to assume that you've been a busy boy having
        conversations with yourself! Wass' up?

        Next message I
        see with ROI will be skipped; first you've overused
        the term, second, it's BS in an IT discussion anyway.
        As a supposed IT professional, you must know that
        honest calculations of the benefit of many IT
        initiatives before implementation are impossible for
        technology that the corp doesn't use already. Productivity
        increase, the usual source of big returns, can be grossly
        over or underestimated. (Usually overestimated before
        approval and underestimated after the project is done.)
        Unfortunately, implementation costs are typically underestimated
        and under-reported, and productivity gains from the
        IT projects are difficult to separate. I understand
        that CYT users are still running under WIN95, are you
        indicating that they should have converted to 98, then 2000,
        or maybe just stay in the dark ages of WIN 95? The
        only option is to become curent now and hope that you
        saved money by skipping a generation and allowing the
        mail issues to become clearer.

        Get off this
        silly techy subject matter, and lets talk about what
        affects the value of this stock. I'm long in CYT, but
        feel like this stock may get to the 33 area soon. I
        may throw some money here for a while. Then

        Note: Stanford is a great university in CA, Stamford is
        the CT location of CYT's R&D, a common mistake.