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  • nelson481 nelson481 Feb 14, 2003 4:27 PM Flag

    mr pigthorn..aka

    you have no idea as to what my position and aa position is or is not!.. i think i will take your suggestion to get some air...think i will go for a drive...look for my number plate next time you are on the number plate is 4Q2..eom

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    • I'm devastated.

    • You better watch it,swami!!...with comments like that....aa and nelson will put you on the old "ignore" list...THEN, you will be in BIG do-do...either that or your "goose" will be cooked...OH well,hope you can handle the pressure.............

    • Thanks for popping up. Gives the opportunity to adjust my list of ignored characters. How can I have overlooked such a worthless one. Unforgivable!

      Maybe longs weren't in @ $67
      Maybe they were in @ $2 10 years ago and out at $67.
      Maybe they still keep this gem on their radar to buyback or increase position at bargain prices. You know like current levels?
      Maybe they will dump again @ $50, $60, $200 a couple of years from now.

      Don't consider you iq to be the rule. Plenty of smart people out there apart from you. ;)))


    • A.

      Just curious, do you see a 2+ year decline from $67 a share to about $14 just a 'short-term fluctuation"?

      Longs who have not traded in and out have been absolutely killed by this stock.

      the swami

    • Nelson:

      Not anyone who has ever followed this Board doesn't know that you were/are a diehard AMRI long. I, for one, hope it works out well for you. But quite some time ago, I learned never to buy any stock based upon a low pe. Technicals matter just as much, if not more so, than fundamentals do.

      • 2 Replies to wdblawgrow
      • mr woorldbegone or whomever;; generally, i do not reply to nonsense, however make a few things clear:
        1.i have been following amri for a long time,as have riverview5,nvr2late4, melvino, awreware, phantomhawk,et al.
        2. you have no clue as to any of my and their current amri positions,nor do you have any knowledge of trading patterns.
        3.the "old beans" post useful information and thoughts based on fact, and seldom on speculation.
        4. the "old beans" have never posted "buy,buy, buy" or "sell, sell, sell" advice; nor do the old beans go tick by tick, or by ta.
        5. the old beans have another life...perhaps its time for you to get another life also.
        6. both patience and silence can be positive life honest/straight/and true.


      • Grow: There you go again....waking up Nelson from his hibernation. Let him sleep. If he's lucky, he'll wake up like Rip Van Winkle in 20 yrs and AMRI will be back to $20. LOL, Hey; it did'nt take management long to dump John Fallone and his salary. Regards, Thom

    • Well Ozzie:

      We clearly know that you don't have a short position in AMRI. Book value $8 or so, cash on hand of less. For your sake I hope the tecnical bottom just under $14.00 holds because if that breaks, it's on to new lows with the next support at book. And Thom just happens to be one heck of a trader. But then he never falls in love with any stock. New license plate suggestion AMRIBST

    • Ozzie: Your vehicle (no doubt a fuel efficient economy model) should be easy to spot....puttering along in the "slow" lane while others pass you by. Time to throw another log in your woodburning heating system. Regards, Thom

    • Absurd, all you are doing is losing money here.

      Another decline for AMRI while the markets soared. The tape tells all.

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