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  • maxborder20002 maxborder20002 Nov 6, 2003 11:38 AM Flag

    Next Catalyst ?

    Lowered foward guidance reflecting flat or a couple of % points higher EPS over the next year has basically killed any chance for a substantial return on investment (near term). The stock looks cheap on a valuation basis, but where will the eventual resumption of growth come from ? I ask this because many research contractors are doing very well currently while AMRI continues to use the tough economy excuse for the next several qtrs going foward.

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    • Just checking back in with the good folks of this board. I sold ~5 months ago after taking the ride all the way up and down, luckily selling a little bit along the way. I like this company, what it has done, the investments it has made and think it is more forward-thinking than its competitors. Still, I am saddened that it has not yet been able to capitalize on its vast internal capabilities to pull a repeat of the Allegra process story, or some comparable wholly owned invention that can lead to revenues beyond those of a service business alone. I am fully aware of the difficulty of such an achievement; however, this is an organization that prides itself on being the best. Perhaps such an announcement is in the offing...I have no knowledge one way or the other. I only hope so for the benefit of the longs who have patiently waited for the resumption of growth. Best wishes to's to good investing and good living.

    • Agreed, cheap on valuation, but growth may need a miracle with all of big pharma stuck between a rock & a hard spot (no incentive to research develop new drugs, (patent protection in trouble, pressure to lower prices/reduce sales to Canada to stop reimporting them, subsidizing poorer nations etc., possibility of medicare putting a ceiling on prices...)
      What companies are you comparing to when you say "many research co's. are doing very well"?

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