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  • poorlake poorlake Jul 21, 2005 11:12 PM Flag


    Harry! Don�t you see? Voldemort himself created his worst enemy, just as tyrants everywhere do! Have you any idea how much tyrants fear the people they oppress? All of them realize that, one day, amongst the many victims, there is sure to be one who rises against them and strikes back! Tom is no different!

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    • Wow. Best's posts get scarier each time now. I don't know what is scarier--the link that he just posted or the fact that he used actually used �Dr.� and �HR head� together.

      Speaking of which, what happen to his profile on the new AMRI site? Hopefully the current HR head isn't handing out employees' benefit summaries with the memo titled "Your hidden paycheck". I'm sure all the smart and hard-working professional scientists would appreciate that.

      Hopefully with all the changes going on there AMRI can get back onto the Albany Times Union "Best Employers of the Capitol Region" list before it spreads its business on a global scale. That�s all I have to say.

    • I do not think amrithebest's insane optimistic posts help.

      It's interesting times for the company with foreign expansion and development of BMY neuro compounds.

      I'd prefer D'Ambra & Co. to focus on the company, not racehorses, politics, shuttle panels, etc.

    • You make me larf!

      amri's slaves are not 'poached!' They escape to better paying jobs where they get more respect! they have NEVER been called 'skilled artisans' by middle or upper management. EVER.

      it's fascinating to me that part of your "research" is looking for pictures of the slavemasters wife! You are either tommy hisseff, OR you are a stalker! WHY oh WHY would you care about what c looks like???!

      Oh yeah, how's Dr. Grates? Did he get his degree online like others at amri?

    • To opine is fine but you just complain � can you not add anything positive to the board? This is a free society not one just for your views (if you have any). Dr. D�Ambra is a patriot giving not only to ensure our great president was elected fairly in 2000 but, also $3M to RTP (2005) $1M to Albany University (2002). As part of my research, I have also found a picture of Constance (Dr. D�Ambra�s wife) who has been discussed by many on this board before. You can access the page via a Google search (
      ). I have place her picture on my profile just incase you have problems searching Google.

      As far as the foam for the shuttle, AMRI is a multi-faceted company � Biotech to straight chemistry. With their skilled artisans they could easily solve this problem. After all, big Pharma often tries to poach AMRI�s scientists.

    • Dr. Grates?!! Heir Doktor GRATES?!!! LOL! Where did you get that one! That marklar barely made it out of college!

      His doctorate is more likely in FOOD!

    • "BEST" - YOU ARE A MORON - clearly you work for AMRI as they hire only low cost muscle, NOT brains. 1. The space shuttle foam is made by StarFire in Malta you IDIOT. 2. The 10% is for Tom ONLY, set up for HIM; and 3. HR is from the dark ages - "you get paid at the end of the week - WE ARE EVEN"... Quote.

      Maybe once you rise through the ranks, and see the real AMRI, YOU TOO will become aware of the long term prospects.

      PS - Congrats on those that bought at 8. Good work.

    • I have watched this board long enough without telling you what a crackpot you are. Stop wasting our time and showing your stupidity to the world, (i.e. "I wonder if AMRI is researching a new foam for the space shuttle as well? This would fit with Dr. D�Ambra�s patriotic views." ("Patriotic views", what is that in reference to? Please explain!
      and...."I like the new advertisements in C&E News and the fact that AMRI didn�t use good looking models to portray the stunning science at AMR! Well done!"). "Good looking models"? What kind of chauvenistic ass would dare even say such a thing on a board that represents the company he is so proud of? I am sure you have offended half of the population out there.

    • LOL !!! That is hilarious. I wonder what best will reply with ?

      "Nice Job."

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