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  • rallytracker rallytracker Oct 3, 2005 9:10 AM Flag

    Headed down today???? EM


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    • you re correct, but the lack of news from AMRI only leaves on topic on the table, allegra...
      Arqule has announced that they are going to exit chemistry service, to focus on drug discovery...less competition for AMRI...or may be an example to follow for them...

    • You both make correct statments on Generic vs. Brand Name in your arguements.

      However, look beyond this arguement as well.

      What does AMRI have for introduction and when will it occur. Forget Stage X testing, or promising candidates from all of their statemetns. We need a timeline on something solid.

      Sooner or later protection will end for Allegra. If it is sooner then big trouble but if it's later they'll have some breathing room.

      What will be marketed or manufactured that makes solid returns? One thing they could do is to expand Organichem's manufacturing base and capabilities to off set the lack of anything new now or in the future.

    • You're right about claritin. I've had severe hay fever since childhood and taking claritin a few times the past few years did absolutely nothing. Allegra actually does work even though I hate having to get it through my doctor.

    • here s why people do not switch from Advil to Ibuprofen: same price !!!!!!!!!

      Advil� Ibuprofen 200 mg 325 tablets, $13.95
      Price per tablet: $ .04
      Most expensive
      Advil Advanced Medicine for Pain, 200mg, Liqui-Gels 80 ea, $9.49
      Price per dose: $ .12

      Rite Aid Ibuprofen, 200 mg Coated Tablets, 100 ea, $6.99
      Price per tablet: $ .07
      Why would they take something else??

      You may be right about the US, but people in the rest of the world, less wealthy, will care if Aventis allegra (Telfast) OTC is much more expensive than copycats (and it is likely to be), there s every reason to believe that they will buy fexofenadine, not Allegra OTC

      If Barr did not know that they can make money out of fexofenadine, they would not be willing to pay huge fines, your conclusion is right, but for the wrong reasons!!!!! It is their line of business, they certainly have thought this through. They will make a cheaper version of fexofenadine hydrochloride, probably because they will not have to pay huge royalties to AMRI

    • "This kind of price drop will have be applied to allegra OTC to remain competitive with claritin.... "
      Allegra works (unlike Claritin) and would command a premium price.

    • There's no reason to believe that Allegra OTC sales won't be enormous. When Claritin OTC first hit the market you couldn't find it on the shelves it sold so fast. Allegra is still the world's top name-brand allergy medicine and there's no reason to believe it won't stay that way either as a prescription or as an OTC medicine. Why do you think Barr and company are willing to risk huge fines and court costs just to get a piece of the fexofenadine pie. Allegra is like Advil. Do you think anyone buys a pain killer/anti-inflammatory that's not Advil even though all the copycats contain ibuprophen?

    • well, claritin OTC is 76% cheaper than claritin, the aventis-allegra OTC sales would have to be enormous, to see an increase in allegra royalties for AMRI!!! This kind of price drop will have be applied to allegra OTC to remain competitive with claritin....

    • Well said! Actually, with the increased OTC sales the royalties may actually increase!!!

    • loox like it recovering may be it will close in green

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