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  • amrithebest amrithebest May 24, 2007 10:15 PM Flag

    Boycott Walgreens

    I am not appreciative that Walgreens is selling generic Allegra and advertising the fact. I encourage all Americans to boycott this blatantly anti-American company. Does anyone know if AMRI can claim triple damages against Walgreens when we win the lawsuit?

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    • This post displays a complete and total lack of comprehension for this situation. This is a wackadoodle angle from out of left field.

      First, amrithebest, did you know that Sanofi-Aventis also offers a generic version of Allegra? I would bet that Walgreen's sells various generic brands. Second, it is not Walgreen's role to sort-out the legal situation. They sell what the various regulatory bodies allow them to sell.

      Third, if by some wild chance, Barr Pharmaceutical loses this case, lost profits would probably be weighed in the decision. The courts would not collect lost profits twice from two different sources. Fourth, some friends who are lawyers told me that the 3x damages angle is a legal Hail Mary. It never hurts to toss that in but it's a long shot.

      Fifth, the upper management of Barr Pharmaceutical is mostly lawyers. They look for vulnerable situations and make their move. Most of us here would probably consider them to be lampreys, because they create very little and feed off of the creativity of others. Like a quarterback exploiting a weak cover man, they flung it to their wide receiver. We will have to see if the refs call this one back. Like seasoned portfolio managers, they seize up the risk/reward ratio of each of their bets. In the case of Allegra, they felt they had a good bet.

      Enough of the analogies.

      I think that the odds seem to favor Barr.

    • What is more anti-American than outsourcing jobs - Boycott AMRI not Walgreens!

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