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  • There was just a decent earnings report and the price shoots down. What's going on?

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    • I will not comment on individuals, but as you know, everything starts at the top.

    • Thanks for your reply.

      Congrats on cashing-in on your short position. It takes nerves of steel to short. For example, some shorts were feeling the heat when the market opened today. Then again, had the Fed not cut the Discount Rate this morning, the market would have probably plunged again.

      Given that you are a former employee, regarding the questions that I previously posed in this thread, would you like to comment on AMRI's CEO? Is he a Shanahan or is he an Ahab?

      Also, regarding my messages in the "Spoke To The CFO" thread below, would you like to comment on the category/type of CFO that best describes AMRI's CFO?

      I am extremely curious.

    • Double ouch. Decent earnings report and increasing business in India. Stock was near 17 2 weeks ago. It finnally moved up from 10 in April. This company is a premier US small molecules producer, and its stock behaves like a 2-bit penny stock with jerky short-term swings up and down.

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      • I was an early investor in this stock. My broker steered me into it after the IPO. Everything was going up at that time and Mr Greenspan felt that irrational exuberance ruled the market. I don't hold specky small caps or non-Blue Chips for very long, so I cashed-out around Sept 2000, after the split. I missed the all-time peak but I didn't get burned when this stock flamed out.

        Eventually, I dumped my broker due to the high commission costs and now that I trade on my own, the stock popped up on one of my screens about one year ago and I spent a little time in catching up.

        When I first owned AMRI, I don't think that there were any message boards on Yahoo! or anything like that. Since I've been looking again, I stumbled across this board.

        One thing that strikes me as hilarious is that there are a few people who are either employees, or holders who aren't in the money, that appear to be trying to talk the stock up, Those wanna-be shills stand-out like sore thumbs. Other than providing comic relief to the general public or a cheap alternative to therapy for themselves, nothing posted on this board will ever have an impact on the stock price.

        If amrithebest doesn't fit into one of the two above categories, he must either be heavily medicated or has rose-colored glasses welded to his head. Beyond that, based on some of the comments he's posted, he seems incapable of differentiating between AMRI's outsourcing business and its own drug development (non) business. Apples and Kiwi!

        As for some of the other posters, I don't know what to say. If, they don't fit into one of the two above categories, they either lack reading comprehension skills or are incredibly naive. Perhaps they're shell shocked/bitter/myopic from living with disappointment.

        AMRI has its strengths and weakness like any other company, investors simply need to cut through the fluff. Without doing your work for all of you, I'll toss out a few crumbs for thought.

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