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  • stk_hnter stk_hnter Aug 17, 2007 2:34 PM Flag

    Portfolio Management Advice

    One guideline that many of investors should keep in mind is: when you buy a stock, you aren't getting married. It isn't "Until death do you part."

    If you have a stock that is under deep water (or whatever term Jim Cramer would bellow), you should cull it ruthlessly from your portfolio.

    Sell! Sell! Sell!

    Mad Money theatrics aside, you should seriously consider such adjustments.

    Now, if you still think that AMRI is the most wonderful stock in the entire world, then you should think hard and talk to your accountant.

    If the average cost of your AMRI (or other ) holdings is deep under water, don't wait for the stock to recover to a level it might never attain. Sell your shares, take the tax write-off and buy back them again at the current level.

    You would have a much better chance at making money if you sell AMRI and buy it back in the $9-$13 range rather than waiting and waiting for it to return to $45. It might never hit $45 without a friendly or hostile tender offer.

    Overall, when the market calms down, look for stable stocks among consumer staples, global financial companies, big high techs. Don't try to mimic Warren Buffet, but bet with your head and not your heart.

    All this choppiness could make for an interesting October.

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    • Here's one idea for the board, as I am sure some of the AMRI shareholders will be looking for some balance in their stock portfolios. For those investors who hunter for specky small cap turnaround stocks, take a look at this ticker: BCSI.

      They are in a nice part of the market, have respectable trading volumes, and management seems to know how to talk to the market.

      They recently reported results and got a nice pop from their announcement.

      I would think about buying this stock on a dip.

      Here is some food for thought:

      Jim Cramer's bad bets

      Cramer can be funny and entertaining, but he is often full of horse feathers. In all fairness, he is trying to keep an eye on a mind-boggling number of stocks. Therefore, a lot of his comments should be taken with a grain of salt.

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      • My drinking buddy fund manager suggested taking a look at this ticker: WX

        He thinks it might be a smart move for a number of reasons. China has been the world's best performing market this year. Also, an IPO in this space could perform well for up to six months or one year or so. It's out sourcing. It's health care. It's China.

        If it looks too hot at any point, buy it on a dip such as after an interest rate hike by China's central bank or if they stumble in terms of results.

        Skeptics might bring up the issues of honesty and ethics in the Chinese stock market. Good point. As I said before, buying stocks isn't a case of until death do you part. Buy them, then take your profits.

        This particular IPO could be a paradigm changing event. It provides funding for a overseas outsourcing company. It could also be a two edged sword: either a rising tide that will lift many boats (including AMRI) or the first of many hot foreign IPOs that will divert some attention away from AMRI.

        If you like this part of the market, consider Wuxi Pharmatech.

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