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  • stk_hnter stk_hnter Mar 2, 2010 10:37 PM Flag


    "His latest move is really brilliant! Even the guys on the Evonik’s booth were left shaking their heads. . . Not to be sacreligious but, Dr. D’Ambra has once again prove he walks on water." amrithebest 2 Mar, 2010

    Thanks for your post. I was beginning to think that I was talking to myself. However, my good man, you seem to be talking in code. Evonik's booth? Is that a tavern? (I've heard of Miller's Crossing, the bar in Helena, MT) If not, what occasion, when, and where? Please don't be so cryptic.

    Also, I have to ask: are you an insider? Are you trying to drum-up interest in the stock by posting here? I suspect that's what stockstrategist and capcod3 have tried to do. Every time I read one of stockstrategist's silly posts, I get the feeling that he's Tom Sawyer trying to convince me of the wisdom of painting his fence.

    It's good that AMRI is making some moves; and on the surface, this acquisition might not be a bad move. Only time will tell. After all, their chronic problems continue with their facility in Rensselaer -- which is one of several stellar AMRI acquisitions.

    I also have to ask: when was the first time the CEO walked on water? When I spotted that reference, I thought that I had mistakenly strayed onto the Message Board for Google or Apple . . .

    "When investing, pessimism is your friend, euphoria the enemy."
    -- Warren Buffett

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    • "When investing, pessimism is your friend, euphoria the enemy."
      -- Warren Buffett

      I HAD to repeat that quote because it reflects good old fashioned Midwestern homespun wisdom and plain old common sense. Now, because I have an incredibly inflated ego, I'll repeat some of my comments that I have posted here in the past. When one buys stocks, it's not "until death do you part." You need to dump the bad ones. Drop em like a sack of bricks.

      I suspect that the issue here is that you might have bought AMRI when it was trading at ridiculously over-priced levels, somewhere between $25 and $60, and now you're hoping to trigger a stampede of buyers from the Yahoo Message Board to drive the price back up so that you can break even. All of us sod busters with our E*TRADE accounts aren't going to have an impact. It's like using a toothpick to shield yourself in a blizzard.

      If you didn't buy AMRI at ridiculously over-priced levels, then you need to re-evaluate the situation. Put down that bong or opium pipe and detox. Next, turn off that darned hippie music. Next, take off your rose-colored glasses. Next, take a very cold shower. Next, repeat the above cited Warren Buffet quote over and over for about 24 hours. Then look at AMRI with the same degree of skepticism and detachment that you would deploy in scrutinizing a used car.

      For the record, I like David vs Goliath stories. I appreciate mavericks, rebels and creative innovators. As I love sports analogies, I'll use another one. AMRI is like a burned-out QB or pitcher, who will show flashes of non-mediocrity at times but his potential for brilliance is long gone.

      A take-over would be the best thing to happen to AMRI - some large company buys it and breaks up the pieces. However, given the large percentage of shares held by the CEO, that might never happen. Like Charles Foster Kane II, he might keep hanging on hoping for a return to glory. Only his last words won't be "Rosebud," they'll be "$61.625"

      On a side note, kindly refrain from using racist terms when posting. That wasn't very nice!!!

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      • I tried to stay away from this message board. Yes, I was distracted and busy. But, also, to be honest, it's like other situations on the Net where I simply just can't walk away completely. It's like driving past a car wreck.

        A few years back, I was involved in a long-running discussion/argument about Jake Plummer on a Denver Broncos-oriented message board. Jake had a great arm and an ability to toss long strikes to wide receivers such as Rod Smith. He also had incredible unbelievable scatter brain moments, like a poor man's Brett Favre. In that situation too I just couldn't leave it alone. One of my theories was that despite his talent, I didn't think Jake The Snake would be able to continue his career after The Broncos. The fact that I was correct is immaterial. A broken watch is correct twice per day. The reason I'm mentioning this is to go on record to admit to my character flaws and that I might continue to offer critical observations on AMRI until I fixate on another topic elsewhere.

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