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  • amrithebest amrithebest Mar 2, 2010 11:02 AM Flag


    “There seems to be a certain amount of criticism, implied and expressed, regarding AMRI's decision to create and acquire operations in India. From my perspective, this is a strategically wise move. Actually, it's brilliant and makes complete & total sense.” (stk-hnter 6, Feb)
    I bet Dr. D’Ambra thinks the towelheads suck. His latest move is really brilliant! Even the guys on the Evonik’s booth were left shaking their heads. They have an expensive badly managed Big Pharma facility that lacks culture. Dr. D’Ambra has found an inexpensive full service laboratory through manufacturing site giving access to the whole of Europe. The only question surrounds the culture that Mr. Shott has in place. However, if it is similar to that established by Mr. Grates (a true Buddy Ryan) it should not take too long to beat them into shape. Not to be sacreligious but, Dr. D’Ambra has once again prove he walks on water.

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    • I have not followed AMRI for a number of years and have not invested in pharma or pharma services for many years due to my opinion regarding the profitability prospects for the industry as a whole that has deteriorated drastically over the last decade. However, I have a lot of respect for Dr. D'Ambra and AMRI as a company. I do not believe that he has disrespect for anyone who is competent and hard-working. Nor do I believe that he walks on water. You do not beat people into associate yourself with good people and hold them to very high standards. I cannot comment on the probability of success of the venture, but this company has experience with acquisitions (some good & some less good) and should be able to make it work as well as it can in this truly tough environment.

      Good luck to all the investors and the employees of AMRI.

    • correction, stock price is 40% below book value!

    • I am only neutral about this stock because I don't know enough about the industry. With all the drug patents set to expire, I thought this would be a great stock to own. At the current price, 30% below book value, this seems a great time to buy! Maybe management truley is incompetent and can't take advantage of the drug research & discovery opportunities.

    • knowtain - I have been waiting for you to drop by and post (I worry that I might be too bearish and need a neutral sounding board). At today's prices, you can lower the average cost of your AMRI holdings by buying some now. I think that I previously posted that AMRI might be a good buy in the $6 range. Buy now and sell at $10 or $11. Will this stock trade above $11 before 2012? That's a question for all of us to ponder.

    • We should post to this board as if we'd post to an AA board. I am knowtain and I've owned some AMRI shares for 5 years. I should've listened to the haters when I first read this board. AMRI has been a major disappointment for me, though I did bail out most of my shares for a decent profit.

    • Opps, typo, I meant to write: "Now he's grasping at straws - like a baseball *player* trying to play ice hockey with a plastic straw and no ice skates."

      . . . I was rushing to post that because I was running out the door to get together with some friends at a sports bar to watch the Rockies Pound The Daylights out of the Mets!!! LOL Take that New Yorkers!!! LOL

    • sackshapiro,

      I took your advice and waded through the various posts on this message board going all the way back to 2004.

      After reading his various posts my conclusion is that there is a 70% chance that amrithebest is not a troll. He is probably an enthusiastic well-meaning AMRI scientist/employee. There is a 30% chance that amrithebest is a troll based on the fact that his comments are so silly and detached from reality that they invite response.

      There is very little chance that amrithebest works in finance at AMRI and I doubt that he has access to financial data prior to its release. His comments seem far too naive for anyone working anywhere near finance. If he is in finance, he should be immediately subjected to a mandatory drug test. It would appear that amrithebest somehow believes that positive thoughts and comments will have a positive impact on AMRI's stock price. Perhaps he bought shares or received options or both. Now he's grasping at straws - like a baseball playing trying to play ice hockey with a plastic straw and no ice skates. It's not much fun to lose money in the stock market - I know from experience.

      Bottom line: amrithebest isn't a bad person, he is simply naive.

      Stock Hunter

    • sackshapiro,

      Thanks for your reply LOL! Do you think that he is a troll or is he a delusional cheerleader hoping to trigger wave upon wave of buy orders based on his Pollyanna-esque posts?

      Stock Hunter

    • dude!

      This is Amrithebest you are talking to.

      you should read his posts from 2004-2005 to see how insane he is. I guarantee you will continue with your ROTLFMAO.

    • "Do you not feel any remorse in giving out your two cents into this fantastic company when by your own admission you are clueless in the area where AMRI dominates – Contract Research and Biotechnology." - amrithebest

      Is that question a joke?

      First, you are distorting my comments. I wrote: "I am a not a specialist, never claimed to know the industry that well." I never said that I was clueless - except about your cryptic reference to Informex.

      Second, as a praise-gushing acolyte, you are missing the point: "It's business. It's not personal." It's not as if anything I write will have the slightest impact on the company or stock price. You can't start a rally by clicking your heels and saying, "There's no stock like AMRI."

      Third, here's more than 2 cents: during the past 12 months AMRI has underperformed the S&P500 by about 50 percentage points. 50!!! As the market and prospects for the US economy have rebounded, AMRI has languished:;range=1y;compare=^gspc;indicator=volume;charttype=line;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=on;source=undefined

      Fourth, please elaborate on how you define the word "dominate." You must be using a version other than current English or you are describing an alternate universe.

      Fifth, the fact that I didn't know about Informex is irrelevant. Related to the 4th point, please conduct research to see if AMRI is dominant (in terms of revenues, therapeutic targets, market cap, etc) versus a short list of Biotech companies that I selected at random from Yahoo (A-H in the alphabet):

      Human Genome Sciences

      Sixth, you are an insider trying to inflate the image of AMRI in an attempt to increase buying interest and influence the stock price. Here is one of the dozens of stories regarding Whole Foods/John Mackey:

      Or, you could be a troll, which makes sense given your racist comments.

      '"Not a Biotechnology company" you said in your latest post – read the web site!' - amrithebest

      Yes!!! I read the website!!! I stand by my view: AMRI is not a Biotech stock, it's a pharma services stock with a tiny pipeline on the side. One of my friends owns a Knowshon Moreno jersey, but no matter how many times he wears it, he can't run as fast as Knowshon.

      Here is a list of Biotechs from Yahoo!:

      amrithebest - it is funny how you cherry pick comments in a futile attempt to find flaws. At the same time, you toss around generalities and exaggerations but you completely avoid addressing major questions and issues.

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