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  • jrflnx jrflnx Mar 3, 2011 12:45 PM Flag

    I can't believe it - all these years later amrithebest is still here

    X employee here as well.

    Thank GOD I don't work at that pathetic excuse for a company.

    My initial stock options at AMRI were for $20 bucks! LOL as if.

    Since they let me go I have relocated and have a great job in a successful startup with real potential for payout. We are doing actual science and are not just the slave labor force for other companies to outsource to.

    I agree I learned a lot there, but it was very taxing.

    meanwhile Tom will be at the track with his 200M net worth every day during hose season.

    And yeah we all knew who amrithebest was...he was the biggest behind kisser there and it was painfully obvious. 'A.K.' I hope they are making it worth your while....

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    • You know I gotta admit it was on such a great trajectory in 2001-2002. Huge profits, huge cash reserves, a young smart scientific staff. Especially in chem dev.

      I always thought that repeating the Allegra miracle would be the kind of thing that the company should have worked towards. I thought we had the brains and equipment to be able to just pluck out a couple of pharmaceuticals with difficult syntheses, develop better ones, and then license them out. I thought that was something we could have been very good at and made a buttload of money.

      It was attempted - ONCE in my knowledge - to start projects to identify opportunities for this. However, the project was severely hampered by the following:

      1. ZERO budget. We had to scavenge old materials out of storage. If the materials didn't exist, we had to make them. We couldn't buy ANYTHING. It's a little degrading to spend 2 days consuming gallons of solvents and silica gel to make something you can buy for $12. Who could possibly be motivated when your time is given no value whatsoever?

      2. Tremendous pressure for rapid results. Having people come to your desk to ask for a project update 2x a day can be a little irritating. If ANYTHING goes wrong you were basically brought before a committee to justify your result. Managers would hold reports making up lies about "waiting for a critical piece of data" because they were embarrassed of the lack of progress in a single week - often the first week.

      3. 4 managers per chemist. Have you ever had four managers telling you different things to do EVERY DAY? You're bound to pi$$ off at least 3 of them. And they don't talk to each other, don't agree on anything, and ultimately you can either make them all mad or do 4x as much work to make them all happy.

      4. "You are still expected to keep up on your project work". Essentially, you were expected to get all this done while somehow continuing projects for paying customers.

      5. The managers involved are often medicinal chemists who don't understand that development work is a different animal, involving far more analytical work and attention to detail that they can ignore while plowing through reactions with the only interest being the stuff in the bottle.

      6. The "technology incentive plan" was a joke. Basically, to get D'Ambra's deal, you need to work on "your own time" (i.e. middle of the night and weekends), on projects entirely of your own design, and with no input whatsoever from anyone. And somehow you'd get a budget approved for this? To even get the lower tiers was virtually impossible for anyone other than managers because nobody was ever allowed to think or work independently.

      Maybe things have changed (it looks like they have at least somewhat) but WOW.... maybe amrithebest can handle it but us lesser humans just go crazy.

      Ok enough ranting. I'd kept my mouth shut for years because I honestly never felt the need to cough this crap up.....

    • It's not A.K. don't kid yourself. Irony and sarcasm are not strong points of his...

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