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  • amrithebest amrithebest May 2, 2011 10:41 AM Flag

    Osama bin Laden

    For the stock to surge on the news can’t be a coincidence. Does anyone know what part did AMRI played? God praise the patriot Dr. D’Ambra.

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    • If amrithebest has engaged in a campaign of sarcastic humor then I will consider my leg pulled. As I have posted previous I did consider the possibility that he might be a troll. The two might likely options to me were dazed acolyte or troll.

    • 'best of course. Hasn't that been the focus of the discussion, whether he is truly deluded or just having fun with you all?

    • Does anyone know what part AMRI played? ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

      Forget about Samuel Beckett, Eugène Ionesco, Jean Genet, Harold Pinter, Tom Stoppard, Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Fernando Arrabal, and Edward Albee. The Theatre of the Absurd has a new brilliant voice: amrithebest!!!

      What role they played????? ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

      Yes, AMRI is having its best day in two years, on slightly better-than-average trading volume, so the company MUST HAVE been involved! LOL MUST HAVE!!! LOL btw, the stock did not surge ON the news, because the story broke during European trading hours. The stock surged after the story broke and at a time when the whole U.S. market was rising (in the morning). Either you seriously need to be drug tested, you are attempting to flex your standup-comic muscles or you are attempting a large-scale hoax . . . Or is this yet another lame attempt to improve AMRI’s image on the Message Board ?

      While we are at it, what role did American Express, Walt Disney Company, IBM and Home Depot play? LOL How about GE? Maybe Jeffrey Immelt was with SEAL Team Six? LOL Maybe Charlie Munger was there too!!! LOL

      It’s beyond hilarious that you authored this cockamamie post yet you completely avoided a 20 post thread devoted entirely to you. I sense a pattern. You seem to often avoid direct replies in various threads, then post comments/replies in another thread . . . mmm

      Any thoughts from the rest of the board?

      My feeling is that if anyone bought AMRI near the $4 level, now might be a good time to sell and see those profits materialize.

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