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  • thang_cue thang_cue Nov 22, 2011 11:05 AM Flag

    Like a big turd falling in the toilet.....

    what point does it hit the water?

    How much will anyone be able to pick up from the splash?

    Will a plunger be necessary to make it go down?

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    • Apparently a dead cat cannot bounce at all. This is a company has reeled in several hundred million dollars of Allegra loyalty. All remaining now is less than 20 million dollars in cash, a fraction of the loyalty. Something must be wrong with the company, management, culture, short vision....

      Is Can-Do-Attitude a good idea? It may have shut up any objections to stupid and costly decisions.

      The company should fire any management members who never disagree with the top. It may be too late though.

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      • AMRI IS Tommy D. He does not tolerate criticism of any kind, and so he has surrounded himself with a crowd of useless sycophants, little shadow-Tommys, cowering before their master. Now that he has lost whatever vision he had, there is no-one left within the higher echelons of the company with the talent or character to turn it around. He originally intended AMRI to be a contender in the business of drug discovery. That may have looked possible in 1991, but now, when even giants like Pfizer can't produce the goods, and the costs of bringing a drug to market are estimated at more than a billion dollars, it is nothing more than a foolish pipe dream.
        No-one will buy this company. It doesn't have any viable drugs of its own in the pipeline, and it has lost most of its expertise through round after round of lay-offs in a desperate attempt to stay afloat by cutting costs.
        The game is up.The "plethora" is just a fantasy. Delisting will be followed by closure, and the buildings will be sold.
        Sad for the people who still work there.

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