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  • amrithebest amrithebest Jan 15, 2012 9:00 PM Flag

    OT McDonalds

    I would be appreciative if those of you so inclined would include the fine folks of Loma Linda in your prayers as they fight to maintain their healthy vegetarian lifestyle.

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    • My goodness. I don't check this stock much since I left, but there certainly were a lot of shenanigans going on while the stock was still good. I also remember the Blessing White Survey. In my dept we thought it was interesting how it was "anonymous" but you had to give your age, gender, title and dept. I knew a lot of hard working people, some still there, who were fed up at that time with the treatment they received for effort given.

    • They need to do more than ping pong to improve morale.....maybe treating there employees with a little respect would do it....hey don't worry people, Mr Ding a ling will be coming by soon for our yearly bonuses......but remember just one each.......hahahah

    • I hear morale is so low there that a ping ping table was put in the lunch room. Ha Ha

    • Correct.... it's a typo. Sorry. Even Best would NOT be crazy enough to think D'Ambra had something to do with killing bin Laden....

      At least, I don't think so.

    • "Even Kap'n K would be crazy enough to think that D'Ambra had something to do with killing bin Laden, for instance." - thang_cue - 30-Jan-12

      I am assuming that Kap'n K is one of your nicknames for amrithebest. More importantly, I want to make sure that your quote is not a typo. You are saying that amrithebest ***would be*** crazy enough? I just want to be clear on that point. Would be? Because if that is true, and not just humorous hyperbole, then that would reflect serious delusion.

    • Although I knew T.S. was one of his "ladies" I certainly didn't think she was a "lady of the night". HAHAHA wow.... I actually have a picture of her in a Minnie Mouse costume.

      I remembered her name "DT" but his "BN" had slipped my mind. Thanks for remembering the name of the Big Bald Brit.

    • Ahhhh yes...Larry was quite the amusing one.... I remember him saying he "fell down the stairs", you jumped off of a balcony in the company of a lady of the night. Larry and our dear confused friend...T.S.

      And the others cought in a locked office.. B.N and D.T....figure it out.

    • Best is MOSTLY delusional, but sometimes also sarcastic. Even Kap'n K would be crazy enough to think that D'Ambra had something to do with killing bin Laden, for instance. He's always been a loyal member of Sargent-Meckler's Lonely Hearts Club Band though.

      Yeah I remember Larry getting caught messing around with a certain someone in HR. Anyone else get that email Larry sent taunting the regulatory guy with borrowing his skirt and talking like a valley girl? least there was usually something to laugh about going on.

      I also remember two people (him married - not sure about her) caught screwing in his (not Larry's) office. Awesome.

      I'm still laughing about coming out of the "Klosset". HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    • Holy cow!!! There has been an explosion of inside jokes and stories!!! This is incredible.

      In this thread and others, several posters seem to be fairly certain that they know the identity of amrithebest In the past, one poster wrote that he feels that amrithebest is being extremely sarcastic and he is pulling our collective legs. The majority of posters directly connected to AMRI seem to believe that amrithebest is a fiercely loyal and delusion acolyte who will (metaphorically speaking) remain in the Fuhrerbunker until the bitter end.

    • Or L@rry allegedly breaking his leg by jumping out the window of an ahem "alleged" lady of the nights appartment beause he thought the cops were raiding the building....when a fire alarm was going off...

      Or S&T being run by Jabba the Hutt's heftier, half wit brother....McDonalds stock's did go up though...I digress..sorry

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