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  • mrbishop85 mrbishop85 Feb 7, 2012 3:15 PM Flag

    What can be done to make Amri profitable?

    I guess it's time to return the ping pong more trying to boost its stock, morale is sinking fast....

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    • Implement a few simple principles:

      1. Manage the manufacturing side of the business differently than the R&D part. Understand that there are 'fixed costs' and 'variable costs', and learn what each of those are, for the plant.

      2. Retain people in the organization who are smarter than you. Provide a place for them to grow, intellectually, and professionally. Listen to what they tell you, and be prepared to act on it.

      3. Be content to manufacture and sell products which aren't particularly glamorous, but that net a decent return. Focus on what the product nets, based on your costs, not what it is.

      4. If someone is selling a company, business unit, or organization, there is likely a reason why. Understand why, prior to 'jumping in'.

    • mrbishop85,

      You silence speaks volumes. Your unwillingness to answer those questions, despite numerous opportunities in this and another thread, tells us that you have fabricated stories. AMRI seems to have enough flaws without you spinning fairy tales. Your credibility has evaporated.

      Unanswered questions (reposted yet again):
      1 Who was talking about a record breaking year?
      2 Record breaking in terms of what?

    • "Man your (sic) good, I still say your one of those dispical (sic) people from HR...." - mrbishop85 – 10-Feb-12

      mrbishop85, It appears that you do not want to provide direct answers to my questions (posted again below) and that you are tossing out those red herrings about HR to avoid the issue. This leads me to suspect that you fabricated this situation about a member of AMRI management allegedly touting a "record breaking year." I think that it is a complete and total fairy tale and nonsensical for several reasons. First, management would not be discussing financial results before they are public. Second, management would have nothing to gain and everything to lose by making such a misleading internal comment. Third, if the manager or managers in question were out of the loop, they would look very stupid if the official results proved to be starkly different.

      Your credibility is fading fast.

      Unanswered questions (reposted again):
      1 Who was talking about a record breaking year?
      2 Record breaking in terms of what?

    • It's simple, have Regeneron buy amri......maybe then amri will gain some good managers who care about their associates....

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      • mrbishop85, Why did you pick Regeneron? That company also has negative earnings. They have a large market cap, a decent cash position and relatively low debt. If they make an acquisition, they would probably want to buy a company that could quickly contribute to earnings and not subtract from earnings for an indefinite period. AMRI seems to have a lot of troubled assets from a trail of failed acquisitions.

        *** Almost as important is that you did not answer my previous questions. You wrote:

        "A net loss, wow they were talking record breaking year a week ago......maybe I just don't get it....just another way to screw employees out of there raises and bonuses...."

        Therefore, I asked:

        "Who was talking about a record breaking year? Record breaking in terms of what? It's conceivable that some department could have had a record breaking year in some category."

        Please answer those questions.

    • Simple.

      1. AMRI needs to invent something and replace the soon-to-end Allegra royalty stream.

      Of course, they ditched most of their internal R&D and no longer dedicate resources to it. The only way they will return to profitability in the US is by transforming into a company which develops something proprietary.

      2. Tom needs to go. He did a fine job of building the company through it's first 10 years, but it has been in limbo ever since and he has no idea what to do with it. He should take his millions and bet on the horses in Saratoga all day.

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