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  • stk_hnter stk_hnter May 17, 2012 8:19 AM Flag

    MM came up to buy my shares

    "could it be the cancer drug?? There is a whale about scooping up small cancer drug biopharms." -- hoppingjohn72 -- 16-May-12

    Yea, right, hoppingjohn72, I am sure that you are truly plugged in to the point of having access to market rumors that have not been featured on CNBC. Also, I think amrithebest seems to be inferring that AMRI is poised to make an acquisition.

    With all due respect, hoppingjohn72, the elephant in the room is that you have avoided answering the questions below. Just answer those darned questions.

    "MM came up to buy my shares . . . Came up almost 5% within moments. That doesn’t sound like a dying stock. Also take a look at the weekly chart. IMHO we are not heading to 2.20s." -- hoppingjohn72 -- 27-Apr-12

    "All truth (sic). Intended for this board for any lurkers." -- hoppingjohn72 -- 4-May-12

    This brings me back to my original reply in this thread - we seem to be going in circles. If it is all true, with all due respect, then you should have no problem in explaining your post and answering the questions below. Perhaps you are using a lingo that I do not understand but it is common to some investor-focused internet discussion groups. Please explain.

    Q: Are you talking about AMRI? Weekly chart? (If you look at the chart for AMRI, you will see that it has been trading in a range between $2.20 and $3.50 since late October. I do not know any other way to express that trend. Any way you slice it, the stock is stuck in that range and trading volumes have been on a downward trend. I hear folks on Bloomberg TV describe such stocks as "range bound.")

    Q: GLTA? Is that what you are talking about? (However the closest match that I can find for GLTA is Global Tactical Fund is in Switzerland and it is trading much higher than $2.20)

    Q: The MM came up to buy your shares? What the heck does that mean? (The market does what it does and investors place their bets based on our views of the short term or long term fundamentals. Market Makers do not play a role other than to execute transactions, not unlike bus company employees who sell tickets at a bus station. Market Makers do not move the market or favor specific investors.)

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