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    • LOL what a funny article. I haven't worked there in over 6 years and it's all the same stuff we were hearing as excuses for dropping profitability when we were there. "Coming out of a trough", "hit by the economy". Zzzz. Same old lousy excuses.

      I liked this part: "AMRI’s services basically follow the life of a drug" - every part except the one that makes money.

      I agree that the stock is probably a good buy now at $2.30. It'll go up, maybe back to $2.70 in a few weeks, but it'll never cross $5 again, and your $2.30 will be a loss within 1 year.

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      • "I liked this part: 'AMRI's services basically follow the life of a drug' - every part except the one that makes money." - thang_cue - 5-Jun-12

        thang_cue, One of several interesting points.

        There are some suspicious aspects to this so called article. First, I have the impression that it very similar to those special advertising supplements that one finds in magazines. Those special sections on "Tourism in Patagonia" or "Relocate your business to Western Wyoming." Among other things, the graphs appear to be taken directly from a recent AMRI presentation.

        Second, the piece mentions "streamlining its operations to improve margins." How many times will AMRI have to "streamline" before investors actually see evidence of improving margins? Over the years AMRI has issued a slew of comments and releases saying that management was turning around the company.

        One major question is: will AMRI be able to generate Bottom Line growth by being involved in every aspect of a drug’s development? So far I do not see any evidence of that happening. Perhaps they should not become a Jack Of All Trades and focus the businesses with the best margins? Maybe some of the former employees could provide feedback on this topic.

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