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  • biotechtrader2010 biotechtrader2010 Oct 12, 2011 3:33 PM Flag

    Where is mid swe?


    Mid, what are your current thoughts right here on Oxigene and the stock's share price as influenced by the short sellers? I see the "legal" short interest has been inching up to a 3 1/2 month high of 750k shares. The highest it has been since the end of September was only 300k(1.05M) more and that was in the first two weeks of June when the stock spiked to $5.36 when Oxigene reported the FALCON trial results as ASCO.

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    • bump,BUMPITUPPP!!!!

    • "
      Dr. Garon .. a highly regarded cancer researcher from UCLA .. as opposed to an anonymous qweer on the internet. ;)"

      To clarify, Kullejulle is not totally anonymous, we know he is also a kook from Sweden.

    • This crazy thing is sitting at 16.5 million? It is an anomoly. It will not stay here. It can't. It just won't even without final drug approval. Too big a market. Too manyapplications or differnet cancers it could target. too many possibilities.

    • might be inmho, TIME TO BRING DEEZE ONE TO DE TOP AGAIN,jmo,gallen

    • The important thing to note is that VDAs as a class of oncology drugs are yet to gain approval for ANY indication. Oxigene is well positioned to get their VDA into further clinical trials. The National Cancer Institute was impressed enough that they are funding phase 2 ovarian cancer trials and they might end up funding the phase 3 FACT2 clinical trials. When you see a large pharma like Novartis step up to the plate and sign a deal with a tiny biotechnology company and front them $75 million for rights to the drug, you would think that Oxigene will have their turn at it too.

      And I wouldn't even be expecting $75 million. I would be more than happy to get $25 million upfront and partner funds phase 3 trials. If something like that happened, the stock would most likely spike back up to the 52 week high range where it was last May.

      The naysayers would finally shut up and this little company can finally get a realistic chance to get their drug on the market to help cancer patients live longer.

    • >>Novartis will make an upfront payment of $75 million to Antisoma and will be responsible for the management and costs of AS1404's late-stage development........Antisoma CEO, Glyn Edwards stated that AS1404 could reach peak annual sales of more than $1 billion, if approved.<<

      AS140 was a dud. Novartis paid $75 million upfront and paid for the phase 3 trial. There is this tiny obscure oncology company called Oxigene that truly has the first-in-class VDA named Fosbretabulin.

      After they release their final phase II lung cancer results there will be a deal of some type that is going to make this stock go from dog to darling in but one press release.

    • I´m here lurking but not waisting my time on the trolls and the fake longs. I only keep recording/investigating the trading.

      The daily short sale is low without short exempt. My take is that they are trying to cover/accumulate without driving the pps up.
      Shorts will continue to work this stock but it looks like they are much more careful today! Did FINRA slap them on the fingers?
      I have noticed that the short sellers/swingtraders are working several stocks. Currently YRCW DNDN EK XOMA CTIC OREX!

      I´m just waiting for the news to come and buy when I have the free cash!



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