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  • bluekat696 bluekat696 Jan 12, 2012 9:13 AM Flag

    That means someone is selling ~5M shares???

    The following table includes registration statements and post-effective amendments that were declared effective by the Securities and Exchange Commission on the most recently completed business day.

    The Securities Act of 1933 requires companies offering securities to file a registration statement with the SEC that discloses material facts for investors. The SEC staff reviews registration statements and declares them "effective" if companies satisfy the disclosure rules.



    File Number: 333-178692
    Date of Original Registration: 12/22/11
    Form Type: S-1
    Securities Registered: 4,849,101 Shares of Common Stock
    Selling Holder: Yes

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    • 1. The registration statement is for shares that MAY be sold to Lincoln Park Capital. Lincoln park does have some shares that were an initial fee. Lincoln Park may not short shares.

      2. Oxigene can decide when and if they sell shares to Lincoln Park Capital.

      3. There is a limit to how many shares OXGN can sell to Lincoln Park Capital at any one time.

      4. They probably can not sell all of the shares registered without shareholder approval, since it is likely they would be considered to be sold below Market Value.

      From the contract
      (n) “Purchase Price” means the lower of (A) the lowest Sale Price of the Common Stock on the Purchase Date and (B) the arithmetic average of the three (3) lowest Closing Sale Prices for the Common Stock during the twelve (12) consecutive Business Days ending on the Business Day immediately preceding such Purchase Date (to be appropriately adjusted for any reorganization, recapitalization, non-cash dividend, stock split or other similar transaction).

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      • Show you how dilusional this peabrain 'mid-swe' is.

      • mano. I thought it was a win win for us on nov 28 when it came about. Why would lincoln agree to such an open ended thing? Will not oxgn try to raise the pps as much as possible and then sell lincoln shares?Lincoln gets no discount to market price.It would be in their best interests for us to keep burning cash and the pps to go lower and lower.My guess is oxgn may have enough cash to go to july 2012.Could not oxgn get scientists to say in an article oxgns lead product looks effective and promising and are highly optimistic and get the price up to 1.50 or higher and then dump the 4.8 mil shares on lincoln.Mano . What am I missing?I pity Lincoln if some positive trial results come out soon.One would expect oxgn might deliver some soon

    • drt42 Jan 12, 2012 10:30 AM Flag

      Perhaps this is tied to the purchase agreement with Lincoln Park?

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