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  • lizann92000 lizann92000 Nov 28, 2012 7:04 PM Flag


    Signed on last week to wish you, MAN, and a few others a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving. Another R/S. They did such a huge one so that would not be back with hat in hand. Not LOL.
    Understanding did not prohibit me from hating to see you go as so many have.

    In reviewing a few posts, and I mean very few, I saw some contnue to share their knowledge by calling others liars (you are buying), etc. If accusations of lying, pumping, downing, etc., could be exchanged for profits, none of our trees would be large enough for Santa to deliver our profits. Over ten years of this and I still hold, what the company has not taken.

    I worked hard for the money I invested in OXGN and stupidly invested (and have lost) far more than I could afford. As you know, I have been in over ten years and compared to you, continue to be the newbie. It has not been pretty. Unfortunately, I keep holding what the company has allowed me to keep. Upon split, do I still believe enough to add? Don't know. Have not added any since last 20:1 R/S.

    What I do know is I hope both of you, and some others, and each of your loved ones will have a most blessed Christmas and New Year. I will continue to check Board for your seeds of info. Hope you will continue to share, for as I've said, I need all I can get in this investment.

    Take good care and stay safe!


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    • Thank you lizann

      I hear you loud and clear. Hope you do well with this.

    • lizann thanx so much for kind words.It is good you have not added since the last r/s. The odds of this thing going caput are great.when? who knows ,2013,2014,2015.Hey the old shares are at 2pennies.That basically says it all.Can you make money on shares you buy now and going forward. yes, if you are lucky and quick.

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      • Hey CPA Dumkopf! Still running the scam here! No one believes in you.

        Every one should ask themselves why this con artist/penny trader still is here trying to scare people to sell!

        How is your EPCT doing? ;-)

        OXGN is trading just above cash so you can spend all you time here with multiple ID´s trying to convince longs to sell!

        The R/S has to be in place in order for the management to negotiate a 180 days extension of the $1 ruling. But as last time they will not use it until they must.

        Also the money Oxigene need to run all late stage trials and now the AML orphan drug is way to mush to raise at the stock market! Oxigene will be bought or sign a partner deal.

        You don´t need to reply as I will not wast my time here more. I just wait until the deal is in place and you can´t do anything about that!

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    • Hi Liz,

      Happy Holidays to you and your family and to everyone on the board.

    • LizAnne
      Your wish is about to come true. Oxgn has to many irons in the fire and good statistics to be a loser. Yes it is a gamble but this time you will like the result. First companies need approved drugs. Secondly the FDA might consider fast tracking some drugs. I believe we are in the right niche. By the end of December we could hear leukemia study news, plus other applications to countries for ATC. So hang in their for the next six weeks beginning December 1, 2012. You will have a good christmas and new year. Thanks for your honest and interesting posts.

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