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  • rootbound43 rootbound43 Jan 16, 2014 7:02 PM Flag

    Uptrend Still Intact

    The pullback yesterday and today is very minimal considering the number of shares traded and the float. This has been a great day to consolidate at this level, out with weak hands and penny flippers and in with long term investors. We are about 50-100% below fair market value and this stock is jumping on some radars based on the increased volumes. Those that want in realize it has the ability to explode to the upside at any moment and will not risk sitting o the sidelines when it does. I say we will resume the uptrend tomorrow and Friday and close at the high of the week.

    Long and strong - bought more today!


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    • Thanks for the quick reply. So what happened and why stock dropped from $14 to $2 ? On the positive side, what caused jump last Nov. And next catalyst will be ?

      Bottom-line , I like the chart, looks like a turn around story.

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      • Nothing really happened to drop the price from $14 to other than they did a Phase II trial in non small cell lung cancer that had moderate results, it did not fail but it was not overwhelmingly positive either. Other than that, the slow erosion is just lack of long term investor focus and the pipeline was too early stage, jump forward to 2014 and we have completed a successful Phase III in ATC, are about to submit to EU for a marketing auth by years end (we have made registration batches) and have Phase II results in Ovarian Cancer coming H1 of this year. As well additional Phase II's starting in combo with Votrient as well as Taxol and a secong drug Oxi4503 in Phase I and new pre clinical drugs just discovered and validated this past November (PR). The jump in November is anyone's guess but there are those that believe an interim look at the Phase II data that was supposed to be released in December was leaked to "those in the know" and was positive. Yes, this is a turn around story and could achieve a $100 million cap or $20 / share on positive Phase II results - good luck, I keep buying!


    • New here.

      Look at one year chart, the trend is still up. Market Cap is less than 10M?! Any analyst cover this stock ? Your claim " 50-100% below fair value" is based on?

      What is the cash situation? Hope there is no dilution risk in the near future.

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      • 50-100% based on most companies trade at 2-3 times cash if they have any kind of prospects at all. Based on the fact they have already spent $200 million in development costs to date. Based on the fact they have a pipeline in development. Tell me a company with all this that has a cap less than OXGN and I will jump in. Cash situation is $7 million as of Dec. 31st with no debt burning $1.6 million / quarter. We have $5-$6 million of "in the money" warrants that may be exercised in the current quarter as well. I can't see a financing based on current cash needs but anything can change.

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