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  • realinvestmentstrategies realinvestmentstrategies Dec 13, 2004 8:03 PM Flag

    Cinti Enquirer

    Forgetting my lucky call on EAR, as it went up 22% today, I was more interested in the similarity between the EAR and TLC/LCAV businesses.

    And more importantly, the EAR stock reflects a price level enjoyed by TLC/LCAV two years ago when their share prices were terribly depressed.

    At that time the lasik stocks were still reporting losses. But as soon as they raised prices on lasik procedures the income rebounded. And they have ten fold+ returns on the stock price as a result. It just seems that if the people at EAR could make the same pricing moves, they might also see a ten fold improvement in their share price.

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    • After briefly looking at the financials I passed, however up 22% ....I wish I had bought some yesterday!!

      The balance sheet is a bit weak, they have a lot of debt to service. They have paid about 4.5 million in interest over the last 4 quarters. They also have alot of goodwill/intangibles.

      Is hearing loss that large a market, and what type of pricing power can applied to hearing aids.???

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      • I think I about broke even on this one.I felt that that they had a poor management team.It now appears that EAR has fallen another 50% from my exit.The market for hearing services is quite large,it is EAR,s inept management that has failed to grasp the waiting market and make it profitable.Look at a 1 to 3 year chart! Now let's take this piece of crap off the LCAV board.~md