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  • oaklandaaaaas_fan oaklandaaaaas_fan Jul 5, 2006 8:38 PM Flag

    Q2 Earnings

    Though I know most of us are in this for the long haul, any sense from the "vets" of this board how Q2 earnings may look on July 25? Seems like with the #1 fastest-growing ranking from Fortune, there may be a lot of eyes (no pun intended) watching this quarter's earnings in particular. And if those earnings are strong, sometime between now and 7/25 might be the only time for awhile to accumulate more shares at a semi-reasonable price. I'd be interested to hear any insights, even if it's primarily speculation.

    Disclosure: I have been long this stock since last summer and have periodically made small additions to my position a few times since then. Thanks.

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    • Your disclosure describes my involvement with LCAV. The FORTUNE & Business Week articles are fine ... but in my opinion it will have no impact on large investments by funds and managers alike. A few individual investors may now be interested but LCAV is no penny stock and certainly not new to Wall Street. The low volume can be attributable to a lot of companies like shareholders take a wait and see on the economy and the Federal Reserve. I think the CEO situation (discussed in depth on this board) is responsible for the "pause" with this stock. A respectable Q2 will certainly give us a little lift. I think they will continue to keep the dividend to net profit margin around 19% and the yield around 1. No inside info. here but I think we will see a nice same store growth in the q2 earnings report.

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        When the Chiefs Retreat, So Should You

        Lots of guys had lots of reasons to sell Enron. I only needed one of them: The CEO quit for personal reasons. CEOs don't quit for personal reasons. CFOs don't quit for personal reasons. These are fabulous jobs. You leave because something's wrong at the company. Hence, my rule: When high-level people quit a company, something is wrong. -- Jim Cramer,

    • I think they will be good- maybe great. No guess ventured on EPS as I always miss the mark to the high side.

      This period will not be the last time to get shares at reasnable prices. We get several opportunities per year. We just had one.

      If history plays out true to form, August / Sept will offer another "sale".

      Does anyone else find it curious that LCAV is the #1 growth story and there is NO volume increase in the banter on this board - no, or almost none, newbie's.

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