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  • halap5 halap5 Jun 20, 2014 3:57 PM Flag

    Goodrich share price is over $28 compare to $13 of the Swift Energy


    Swift energy has been producing three to four times higher Crude and gas and making profit compare with Goodrich. Swift Energies' Niobrara Shale field is a pure crude oil play with a huge OIL Reserves compare to TMS. If Goodrich stock price is fair than SFY should be well over $70 per share.

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    • In the end, we will correct to higher valuations that are inline with the industry.
      Previous management practices spooked the market and I think that they took note internally and cleaned things up.
      In a sector like this, you can't fight math and as we grow towards profitabilty, the street will notice.
      I'm thinking that $18 by summer's end is totally doable.

    • right, I never understand why some stock price is higher then other which has better value.

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