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  • ncbeltwaybound ncbeltwaybound Jan 10, 2013 8:41 PM Flag

    EDVA dont get me wrong I like the idea of Worlds Patents. They just need money to make this work

    3 years is a long time. Cmon guys someone put a 100k in the corporate account. Sell some private stock to an institutional investor. Those guys wiz a 100k. Then you wont hear from me.

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    • My new concern, cancel that, my old concern has resurfaced. 500000 shares trade and it doesn't move. I am contacting Susman firm to see even if not standard practice they have done any DD on the largest MM in this stock. Gone from zero shares trading to half a million. MM need a review...anyone else think so...let's all call the 1 employee/founder at WDDD to have him gert on the phone.....

    • Thats good to know you like the idea of Worlds Patents and you think they just need money to make it work. Funding will find WDDD before the Markman hearing. The lawyers are working on contingency basis for a piece oif any settlement or court awards. Since contingency covers the lawyers... they just need enough money to stay fully reporting until markman. They have only issued 5 million new shares a year the past 2 years to get this far. Scrappy little fighter thats what WDDD is.

    • I think you are missing an important aspect to your evaluation. I say that respectfully but I am assuming I will be attacked here anyway which is fine. Anyway, lets assume that you are correct and this doesn't make it to trial until sometime in 2014. The first major decision in this case will be the Markman Hearing and subsequent ruling which will happen in late June (hearing) and conclude (ruling) likely by early August. I have said that I expect this stock could be a dollar leading up to the hearing and considerably more with a favorable ruling. A leading indicator (and you can check Wikipedia under Markman Hearing) of how a company will do at trial is how they did at the Markman Hearing. I suspect that Worlds has had dialogue with entities regarding 6-12 months of financing. The way people speak on this board it is as though they are blind to the fact that Worlds has managed to make it this far without collapse. Why is it logical to assume that they won't be able to make it through the Markman when their biggest expense (legal) is contingent? It strains credibility but then again these boards are not known for that. So if Worlds is successful at the Markman they could be looking at a valuation in the $200M range in my opinion. I assume that they will have no problem attracting sustainable funding if they prevail. I know no one who knows anything about patent litigation who would disagree with that. If they are not successful it will be time for investors to reevaluate. So the idea that we are waiting three years for significant developments ignores reality. This is a three act play with each act being consequential and providing significant opportunity for investors. The Markman is the first act. I would submit that the pre-Markman period provides a favorable risk/reward for Worlds investors.

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      • Are we forgetting something basic...if Markman goes WDDD's way not only do we see appreciation all be it short term but a company/group may come in to purchase a portion of the company just for the potential awards post trial/settlement victory...could happen.

        The MM's still give me pause specific to liquidity trading.

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      • Ok those comments I can agree with. The current share price over values that risk. Think it should be valued at no more than legal cost to proceed after the Markman. Assuming they win the Markman does Sussman renegotiate the legal fees? Further dilution could be serious here as we all know Legal Fees could easily reach 25 Million with a NON Contigency lawyer.

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