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  • Pickle_007 Pickle_007 Feb 2, 1999 6:12 PM Flag

    SSS comparisons will be released tomorro

    my favorites which is HOTT (Hot Topic,

    (Same Store Sales) comparisons to be reported tomorrow
    by HOTT (Hot Topic, Inc.) another of my favorites.
    HOTT is a national retailer with over 150 mall
    locations across the U. S. HOTT will open 40 to 50 new
    stores in 1999. HOTT shares closed today at 13 7/8 bid
    offered at 14 on 77,800 shares volume with a 14 last

    I have been expecting "negative" SSS reporting in
    the single digits. Today, two analysts of Alex Brown
    reported their (new) guestimate as well as posted their
    old guesstimate, which was for negative 10 %. They
    now claim, with some guidance given them, SSS will be
    improved from their intial guesstimates of negative 10 %.
    SSS comparisons should be reported after the close on
    Wednesday 2/3.

    This will come as a pleasant
    surprise. HOTT shares, in early December 98 traded at 23
    before tanking 10 points due to the guesstimate of SSS
    being released in the negative 10 % area. It turned out
    they were negative 7.2 % after 9 weeks, however the
    company reported the 9th week was actually up 10 %.

    Nevertheless the stock was pounded and fell into the 12's and
    has been trading for weeks in the low to mid 13's and
    just today had it's highest close in 4 to 5 weeks,
    closing at 14.

    HOTT has a PE ratio of 12 and 4.8 M
    shares outstanding with a float of 2 M. As of 12/15/98,
    HOTT had 215 K shares short. On January 4, 1999 HOTT's
    management announced a buy back of up to 250 K shares in
    open market transactions. Along with the upcoming
    reporting of SSS, the company should hopefully announce the
    progress of their buy back, if it has begun. An
    improvement in SSS versus expectations, coupled with 10 % of
    their float being short and adding they are in the
    midst of a 250 K buyback can be a real spark helping to
    move HOTT shares higher.

    With an improvement in
    SSS comparisons compared to what was initially
    projected, HOTT shares should once again move back to the
    levels truly reflecting their 35 % annual growth

    The market destroyed PSUN (Pacific Sunwear) shares in
    late November for the same reason with a guess of
    negative SSS. When PSUN reported actual positive SSS in
    early January, their shares which dived from 24 to 12
    moved back up to trade back over 24 and have already
    peaked over 27.

    The same potential exists for
    HOTT shares.

    HOTT has a website and is
    presently used for ecommerce. It
    is: Go visit their site and you will view their
    product line and see some of their specials listed as
    well as a store list of their locations across the
    United States.

    Pickle 007

    Posted: Feb 2 1999 5:48PM EST as a reply to: Msg 1 by

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    • eeeeeeelllllllllllllllbbbbbbbbbbbbbbooooooooooooooooooooooooo

      • 1 Reply to InternetProphet
      • business section of today's Philadelphia
        Inquirer. Great article ... a must read!! Headline is
        "Electronics Boutique woos video-committed youths. The article
        says, ElBO currently has 534 stores but plans to open
        100 more stores before November 1, 1999.
        It also
        mentions ELBO's focus on E-Commerce and how the company
        online business is "profitable and growing". Elbo sold
        $800,000 worth of advertising to vendors on there web
        The article also talks about ELBO's commitment to
        their customers. Evidently, ELBO had 80,000 customers
        that had "pre-paid" for a copy of the game. So, when
        Zelda came out, ELBO sent a huge truck to Nintendo 64's
        distribution center in Seattle, obtained its allocation, took
        it to a leased warehouse in Seattle, sorted it by
        store and shipped it Federal Express that night to its
        stores around the nation. Talk about going the extra
        yard for you cutomer. I quess that is why their
        cutomers are so loyal.
        Anyway, it's a great article and
        tied to the Emerald asset management seminar (which
        can be heard over the internet) later today...this
        should be a good day for ELBO.
        Good luck ELBO