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  • Pickle_007 Pickle_007 Mar 3, 1999 4:52 AM Flag

    EB World's newsletter via email just ann

    following today:

    PlayStation 2 Officially
    Announced (PS)

    PlayStation's successor has been
    announced today by Sony Computer
    Entertainment, with the
    console being released in Japan this Winter,
    by a Fall 2000 release in US and European
    territories. The new
    PlayStation will play original
    PlayStation games, along with Audio-CD's &
    DVD movies. Get
    the whole

    Pickle 007

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    • Folks,
      I have been long this stock since
      December and can't wait for the gains I expect in this
      stock during the next 2-3 weeks. I have been
      accumulating at $17.00, 15.50, 14.75, and again today at 15.00
      per share and now have the position I am comfortable

      This is a great, sound stock, with good fundamentals,
      little downside and significant upside. If the earnings
      are able to attract the right interest in this
      company, it should soar (low float, actual EARNINGS,
      pretty low P/E, good management, growth industry,

      I expect earnings somewhere in the neighborhood of
      $1.20 - $1.50 to be announced by the end of next week.
      This should send the stock to $22 - $30 on the low
      side (assuming a conservative P/E of 18-20 remains
      intact). However, the upside is in the enthusiasm which
      could be generated.

      I believe that analysts are
      still a little hesitant to get involved in this company
      due to several factors (Kim family share & potential
      to start selling more shares in June/July, unproven
      track record, etc.). But these fears should be overcome
      by a solid year of earnings, continued growth, a
      rebound in tech stocks (crossed fingers), and possible
      spin-off of EB World web site.

      GO LONGS!

    • Good news no sellers.
      Bad news no buyers
      1 trade in first 40mins 1,300 shares.
      COME ON
      already!!! The street must be
      totally blind.

      Best wishes to the few the proud the
      ELBO longs


      • 1 Reply to live2playstocks
      • Live2PlayStocks, that buy in the first 40 minutes
        was me. In case we drop a tad more, I may reload. But
        I feel this is a great price! That was at 15 3/8. I
        see Cric estimates ELBO to come in year end 1.25 -
        1.50. Lets see, a 1.50 year end figures out to be a 63%
        earnings surprise for the 4th qtr. Possible, definitely
        possible. I'm more comfortable with 1.25 - 1.32. But I'll
        hope for Crics 1.50!