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  • natrl9 natrl9 Mar 4, 1999 11:35 PM Flag

    It's + 8 % SSS comparisons for BFCI (Bra

    The force is with you, you're providing some
    great info. I think Prudential is privy to a blowout
    for earnings announcement. Would like to see
    Prudential post this with a news service like Reuters or the
    newswire. I think I saw a glimpse that Nintendo came out
    with an earnings surprise too. Thats gotta be good for
    ELBO. I'm going to check out the news that came out for
    them after this post. I was watching the trading going
    on this morning, and it appears that the
    institutions are getting wise to the fact that this is the
    time for them to get in. Lots of nice size blocks!
    tomorrow should be a good day!