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  • Plckle_007 Plckle_007 Jul 20, 1999 9:43 PM Flag


    I thought there was some SPAM on the way. I guess
    getting a bunch of SPAM posts deleted by Yahoo won't slow
    down the pickle. BTW-I feel ELBO will see a large
    amount of invester buying when the specifics(numbers) of
    the SEGA Dreamcast launch are announced. Have a nice
    day to all ELBO investers.

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    • This bad boy just drop 37+% today. But keep us posted.

    • Good to see you around !

      It is a shame
      that there are some idiots out there who cannot
      appreciate your talents. Nevertheless - it is their loss ...
      I remain an ardent fan !

      Have a great
      evening !

      PM 2

    • now that it has some solid momentum behind it.
      Toward the tail end of today's trading, ELBO traded, not
      in this exact order, but nevertheless these specific

      17 5/8 54,000 shares
      17 1/2 25,000 shares
      9/16 20,000 shares
      17 9/16 20,000

      There may have been quite a few other large trades
      which I could have missed, but I did at least catch

      You are correct in that I'm not long ELBO here, but
      once again, I did what I posted I have done "many many
      times" and that's to take a "big bite out of the
      middle." I believe this was my 7th (out of 7) successful
      trades with ELBO. It's been better to me than any other
      stock I've owned this year and ranks just a hair above
      BFCI (Braun's Fashions).

      Speaking about leaving
      something on the table, have you noticed ZRAN (Zoran Corp)
      in the last 4 to 5 weeks? I traded that stock twice
      back to back and then walked away with a small nick on
      my last try and watched it rocket since. It seems
      like the DVD business is really in and had momentum
      that even astounded me. At these lofty levels in the
      mid 20's, I have no interest as the risk reward ratio
      just isn't there like it was.

      Somewhere I'll
      leave a lot on the table and I hope for all longs, this
      past time was the time.

      Have a nice

      AO 123

      P. S. My offer of last week still

    • Kim must have let it be known that he is not going to drop shares

    • Pickle has another handle, Astuteone123. He would
      not elaborate, as I asked him if this was his new
      handle. He did confirm the new handle, as to why he has
      changed handles is anyones guess. I guess he has sold his
      shares of ELBO. He did mention this in recent posts,
      under the former handle. Other than that, what a great
      day for ELBO. Lots of big boys getting in at these
      levels is real encouraging.

    • rec of a friend........they feel strong earnings going to propel it up

    • Started about 9:13 with 15 K block ....another of 10k passed
      on ask of 17 1/8 !!!!

    • ELBO stores?

      I love ELBO, but I really
      really love KIDE, the "Pokemon" stock.
      This company
      has licensing rights to Pokemon and the other
      Nintendo spin-offs outside of Japan, as well as WWF
      product merchandise.

      The CEO will be on CNBC
      tomorrow AM at 7:20.

      KIDE was up 4 to 32 today. The
      stock will be at 40 by the end of the week. Earnings
      come out August 13 and will blow away the

      If you have any doubts about the money value of
      Pokemon licenses, ask any kid age 5-12.

    • I think BFCI has a bright future.But frankly,I am
      amazed at your question.I have been spamming BFCI all
      over Yahoo! for months under my Pickle_007 identity. I
      figured when you started to follow me from board to board
      defending me against all the hecklers I draw because of my
      spamming that you would have learned about BFCI by now.

    • Elbo is starting to move prior to the earnings announcement.
      Buy on the way up. Patience my friends, value always wins out in the long term

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