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  • natrl9 natrl9 Mar 9, 2000 8:59 AM Flag

    and another thing....

    Looking forward, ELBO did $1.44 this year,
    without the ad charges. With Playststion 2 this year,
    instead of revenue jumping 27% like it did thisd year,
    I;ll venture to say ELBO increases revenue by 30%,
    especially with the 100-125 new store openings this yuear.
    That compares to 87 store openings in 99. Based upon
    30% growth, and no charges this year forward, 30%
    comes out to $1.87. Give ELBO a conservative PE of 17,
    and we get a price target of 32. With a matched PE of
    21, during the Dreamcast launch last fall, a PE of 21
    gets us to 39. So I'll be buying on any dips, you do
    what you want .

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    • I'm just frustrated with good companies that
      throw away good money.

      Sure, ecommerse is
      important, and the way of the future, in some respects, but
      it's frustrating to see it weigh down a wonderful
      company. Spin it off, let it sink or swim on it's own

      I have a considerable position (relative for me) in
      this company, and one obviously puts their money to
      work where they exzpect a dollar to increase the
      fastest. I just don't like to see anything that may put
      the breaks on.

      Imagine how many stores 9
      million could buy.