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  • Mort_Spot Mort_Spot Dec 15, 1998 6:46 AM Flag

    Automatic pay, bonus, and incentives inc

    Insiders perpetuate the fasod that incentives
    keep key personnel. How many of you shareholders out
    there in small business keep getting pay and incentive
    increases for poor 4+ year performances? Insiders laid off
    l7% work force which probably includes some
    Marshalltown insiders now spending HMN shareholder money in
    Palm Springs. The insiders thru automatic pay icreases
    and incentives coupled with their pathetic decisions
    are breaking this company. Why should insiders profit
    each year from their mistakes and stupidity while all
    the shareholders suffer daily? Insiders are legally
    stealing so this investor hope some other shareholders
    wake up before it is too late. The main reason this
    stock is in such sad shape is that the insiders have
    not made one smart move in 5 years. Long term is no
    longer a good excuse for stealing and stupidity. It is
    long overdue that insiders put shareholders first and
    admit if they are not good operators then just plain
    leave. If HMN has such a bright future then why dont the
    insiders put their money where their mouth is rarely than
    continually rewarding themselves for their stupidity. Life is
    too short to put up with these injustices.

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    • One way the insiders at HMN could restore a
      little confidence in themselves is to put their money
      where their mouth is and make some personal open market
      purchases. I purchased 3000 shares after the split all at
      higher prices than current trade and I really feel like
      a fool knowing the insiders have not bought any
      after split even at these low prices. The insiders have
      not done one thing to promote shareholder value and
      if they ever do I will be the first to compliment
      them. So tell me whose getting hurt the insiders or the

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