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  • climbandmine climbandmine Jan 5, 2013 12:34 PM Flag

    Up 22% in a week...

    And nobody says a thing? This board is dead... All the traders get chased out?

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    • since last Monday this stock is up about 20%. anybody knows why it is going up. No news for any thing. please respond

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      • Huge move up today. Hard to believe that all this movement lately is not NEWS related it is just that insiders are holding it to themselves perhaps.

        So what could the news be? The fundamentals of this co has not changed. I do not see a dividend payment remaining the same causing this type of move nor do I see this as a run up before the dividend payment which is not due for another month nor is it that much money.

        Has shipping turned the corner? I see no sign of that maybe they have hit thier lows and this co is now considered to be "safe" and as "safe" undervalued and thus the run up to what would be considered fair value???

        I don't have a clue and no news has been posted during the run up including a 7% move today.

        I like it as it cuts my losses but still very RED and no hope to get it back given how much they have sold off in boats which equals revenue. But I would be happier at these values and a safe dividend.

    • I'm just a small fish and bought just 100 shares today at $6.25 and hoping the the dividend holds strong. I''ve got a lot, (probably too much) invested in the shipping industry.

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    • nope I'm still here lol

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      • Also bought 100 share 'munch' recently and am trading into long positions in ocean shipping.

        Started buying too soon, but have attempted to trade bounces trading in and out of numerous long positions, sometimes keeping 'core' of some.

        Some ocean shippers have had spectacular moves...some short term...some over longer periods of time.

        VLCCF appears to be just starting it's upmove.

        Still a very speculative iindustry, but if/when ocean shipping is in confirmed turnaround, many of the surviving stocks will be 'multibaggers', as they say.

        JUST my opinion. I include technicals in my DD. Never follow opinion of anonymous posters (or even analysts, in my opinion), but do you own serious and independent analysis.


        Strategies for the High Seas


      • and i am as well, somebody is buying a lot of vlccf, which has pushed the price up .

        I am very very very long as it may be a couple of years until this industry turns around

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