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  • dudedndn dudedndn Apr 22, 2007 6:44 PM Flag

    broke your arm? inject it and let's go ski

    Every broken bone is called a fracture and approximately 30 million fractures are treated every year throughout the developed world, as reported by medical reimbursement records in countries with national healthcare systems. The treatment of a fracture depends on the severity of the break. Simple fractures often heal themselves, with more complex closed fractures potentially amenable to treatment by manipulation (also called �reduction�) without requiring surgery. Fractures that break the skin (or �open fractures�) or where the fragments cannot be lined up correctly usually require surgery. Sometimes plates, screws or pins are used for mechanical stabilization, occasionally with the use of bone grafts, all of which are invasive, expensive and time consuming procedures.

    Chrysalin (nasdq OLGC) is a substance that, when injected through the skin into the fracture site at the time of fracture reduction, was shown in a clinical trial to accelerate the healing of the fracture. Chrysalin does this by mimicking certain stimulatory aspects of the thrombin molecule. Fractures that heal faster lead to earlier return of function for the patient and potentially improved clinical outcomes.

    157 osteopenic women with unstable wrist fractures treated with 10 micrograms of Chrysalin showed a statistically significant reduction of immobilization time, clinically relevant healing, radial cortical bridging,and time to overall radiographic healing . No side effects were reported. At 1.45 and below cash value, easy target for 800lbs gorillas.

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