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  • newmarkwiz newmarkwiz Sep 8, 2008 3:02 PM Flag

    sold all my gold/oils/bonds and buy Homebuilder stock

    today. thanks Paulson govt.

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    • nice work, newmarkwiz. how much have you foregone in gains with the rebounds in oil and gold since you sold and how far under water are you with your XHB investment?

      was the purpose of your initial disclosure to publicly embarrass yourself?

    • wrong,oil...are buys here..

      Fed is fckd; no way to avoid stagnation/
      inflation..equities in strong bear market with worse yet to come..financials
      in a downward spiral..homebuilders will continue to rates will increase, unemployment rising..defaults no where near bottoming..haven't even mentioned credit crisis about to emerge
      big time(massive credit card defaults
      with credit card swaps:insurance for CC companies failing)

      play for the future is gold/energy

      • 1 Reply to bgprofit
      • bg, yoU have a point, but if we are going into deflation which it looks like now with energy and metals leading the way....everything is coming down. You think the smart boys are running from metals because they cant see a rebound coming? These are very uncertain times. I feel that homebuilders are going to get creamed because we havent had one major one go under yet. Once that happens, the whole sector will plummet. Nobody is buying new houses. So what if sales are stabalizing in some areas. Noone is ordering new homes!!!!!

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