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  • slowoldswimmer slowoldswimmer Mar 12, 2012 9:06 AM Flag

    POMO false employment numbers for ROMBOMY

    Employment report: Mass. economy created far fewer jobs in 2011 than first thought. Employment grew by just over 9,000 jobs in 2011, compared with initial estimates of nearly 41,000, according to the new data.
    BLS took over the Massachusetts figures... Only missed 2011 estimates by more than 444%. The fact of the matter Housing is local. East coast and West Coast have not corrected...due to jobs. Detroit corrected, Florida bottom fishing, Az bottom fishing.. The welfare policies of real estate has pushed rents to very high percentage of income as income declines.. Housing in DC and nationwide bloated by government salaries rise over private sector. The people thinking housing(dachnik) has anything to due with welfare recipient builders is mistaken... Due the numbers do the principle and interest on a mortgage... Its to save the FED and Banks from having a normal rotation out of Financial Sector bloated not by talent but reserve currency advantages.. Mr Market knows that you can't reflate a bubble once it popped... House prices average 3 to 4 times average income.. Today 164,000 price income 33,000 You due math..... Can builders make money on 80 Bucks a sq/ft? How about 60 bucks a sq/ft?

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