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  • logicalviews logicalviews Jan 28, 2008 11:32 AM Flag

    I don't understand SRS

    I know that is represent CRE, however I still figure that this is also a good sector to short. I have read reports stating that this will be the last area to get hit in the real estate sector.

    Perhaps this macro outlook is wrong but I thought to open a position with SRS. Twice I have entered a position and twice SRS has tanked the moment I bought. 5% loss in one hour is my cut loss, so after 2 times I have losses of almost 10% on this position.

    Anyone got tips on how or rather what is a good entry price for SRS as of today?

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    • You are right. I am late to the game.
      However, better late than never. For me the key is to determine where SRS will go from here.

      Aside from the FED cut, I do not see near term strength in the real estate market - be it residential or commercial.

      My problem is determining an entry point.

    • This thread is a perfect example of how SRS is assumed to be many things that it is not. It is something like rusing around for flood insurance after New Orleans, and looking at the horizon for the next hurricane to hit.

    • I think part of the problem is that the "macro outlook" you suggest is well known and widely accepted. This means it's already reflected in the price of most stocks.

      Interesting how new home sales came in real bad this morning, but so far it hasn't helped SRS.

      SRS current price not only already reflects this kind of bad news, the current price depends on it.

      If everyone expects commercial real estate to do bad then SRS will already reflect that. To make money on SRS, commercial real estate has to do even worse than everyone expects. To lose money on SRS, all commercial real estate has to do is to do better than everyone expects..... and right now the bar is pretty low.

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