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  • ch4_tycoon ch4_tycoon Jul 26, 2010 10:43 AM Flag

    NRGP, so little noticed

    I can't believe this company hasn't received more attention. Excellent growth, excellent appreciation, excellent return....and low volume, and message board is all quiet.

    I posted this before, here (maybe) and on other boards, but... know how the CNBC talking heads have gone on and on regarding AAPL and how good it is and how much its stock price has gone up in the past year or two....well compare NRGP (plus you get the distribution with NRGP to boot)

    so, again, WHY no broader interest in this growing company?

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    • I agree with you. I just loaded up a week ago, prior to the distribution increase. I love this stock. High yield % and a management team incented to keep the increases coming.

      When compared to other stocks- this thing is incrediably boring. Propane distribution and gas storage. Compared to Iphones and IPads it does not get anymore boring.

      However- that is the beauty of this stock. I own a couple other MLP's including EEP- and firmly believe that the yield curve will continue to compress. The stock market and bond market are sending mixed signals (bond market priced for very slow growth). The best place to be right now with the least amount of downside risk is the dividend plays. NRGP offers a nice yield today and a really nice growth in distibutions in the coming years.

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      • <<<The best place to be right now with the least amount of downside risk is the dividend plays.>>>

        Yep. With the Fed indicating that ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy) isn't going away anytime soon, many will be chasing yields.

        I started buying for yields soon after the big market crash in September 2008. Like everyone else, my maturing CD's had no interest rate options for renewal. I started listening to some big money players that were buying debt and so I bought discounted corporate bonds (like GE, CIT, JPM)...a good move, but soon the discounts were gone.

        Then, I moved on to MLP's, high yield bond ETF's, REIT's etc...knowing that when the Moms and Pops figured out that they were earning zero interest on money in the bank and in their MMF's they would chase these high interest rate options...and they have, and it looks like they continue to chase them as MLP's and some ETF's are now setting 52 week highs regularly.

    • not unoticed by me and several others
      very large position and a long time fav.of mine in the mlp arena
      and why would u watch cnbc.
      bores the hell out of me
      just enjoy the distributions and appreciation.
      good investing