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  • expert_onthis expert_onthis Sep 17, 2002 11:35 AM Flag



    The class action lawsuit is intended to flush-out real names and addresses of individuals who are trying to manipulate MSO stock by posting unfounded negative messages on the Yahoo message board. Subpoenas have been issued compelling Yahoo to turn over the real names of the John Does.
    The question is what could such Lawsuit achieve if it were true?
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    • EX-PERT,
      Where is my subpoena? Are you just making hollow promises again? Do you have to work on the weekends? Do you get paid by the line or by the hour? Did she promise you the ruby slippers?

    • riddle me this: if there are other cases that have been can this MSO suit be a matter and/or case of first impression...lets nail this down.......

    • First impression... case.. its the same.
      What is realy goofy is that I had warned all of you in advance. Do what you will

    • you just don't get it. it is cream puff team not dream team.

      And what do you know about rats?

      Oh. sorry. forgot.

      You actualy know something about and are personally familiar with rats, you work for MSO and stew-art and see one every morning when you shave.

    • >the average educated Brazilian is dismayed to see your country sinking so low.<

      I appreciate your feedback but would respectfully point out that the US is not sinking so low. It was a few very crooked people at the top who abused their power and the trust they were given. The country is actually rising by confronting, indicting, arresting and subsequently incarcirating those responsible.

      As you pointed out, they would get away with far worse elsewhere. Our legal system has its share of problems but overall, it tends to work well. OJ is of course proof that there are exceptions to every rule.

    • Well we've developed a CEO class up here that's every bit as corrupt and inbred as the Nobility in any European country before the French Revolution. I can count the ones who aren't out to scam Investors on the fingers of one hand.

      Since about 1994 I've found that if you assume the worst about Sennior Management's motivations, you will very seldom be dissapointed in that regard.

      The Investment Bankers who enabled all these dissolving scam equities are not much better, but what's really ugly is that there may not be another Cisco or EMC to justify the hundreds of public fluff companies out there any time soon.

    • Not sure many people have heard of her down here - nor is there any particular reason why they should have as neither she nor K-Mart has any operations here.

      In Brazil she would get away with much worse than IMCL and no-one would do anything because the legal system doesn't work. At the same time, she wouldn't stand a chance of gagging the press, because there are very few effective legal measures for such things.

      More generally, there is genuine unease down here about the way the US is heading. Enron and Worldcom got huge press coverage. The general feeling is that the US is now just as much of a banana republic as any South American country. While this revelation may delight a small anti-Yankee imperialist contingent on the left, the average educated Brazilian is dismayed to see your country sinking so low.

    • I think you're out of your league in knowledge and understanding of the law - but you're trying to be an expert (or pumper) of MSO and you're a loser.

      Let's see how the MSO legal dream team can handle hundreds of counter suits filed by hundreds of Slammers in hundreds of cities across the USA! A great job for the wonderful legal team - they can devour as much of the remaining equity in MSO. So therefore, you're wrong in your assessment of the tenacity of hundreds or perhaps thousands of individuals - that you think we will run like New York City rats!

      The only place you're going to see the legal deam team is in your dreams.

    • You bet! So tell me, what do the good people of Brazil who keep up with American business think about Martha Stewart and her recent problems?

    • Having a discussion about this interesting legal point down here in Brazil, and the feeling from my lawyer friends is that her reach does not extend beyond the US. Her critics can go on posting from dozens of different countries and she will have no practical means of preventing them.

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