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  • jonathan.loewer jonathan.loewer Sep 11, 2012 2:51 PM Flag

    $$$ A Great Summer! $$$

    My AEO, TEX, PETS, BWS, NCT, ENTR and LGF have done great this year, and my BRD is catching up to my lowered cost basis. I have made almost as much this summer as I did during the bounce off of the Great Recession lows. I have done so well that I am selling a lot of my shares and banking some good profits.

    I don't mean to vainly boast, or 'toot my own horn', I'm just very happy the way this is working out for me!

    Love/Hate, I'll spare you the line about "you should have sold MSO during the Blackstone hype and bought AEO near its 52-week low when I told you to", because I am sure you're sick of hearing it from me, so I won't bring it up in this message.

    Sandy, I'm glad I helped you with AEO and TEX, and thank you for the tips on ENTR and NCT. I might take a look at SFI; I'm reading some positive articles about this company, thanks to your advice.

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    • PETS just beat on earnings by 3 cents and the stock is up 11% today. Beating by 3 cents is good, but not amazing. However, it is significant because it means that the 5.9% dividend yield is safe, and that the stock is a definitely undervalued at $10.00 per share. This stock should trend up for a while beyond today's 11% gain.

    • It has been great. I just closed out a Macy's call contract today. Made a little money, but it seems to be hitting resistance at $40. I'll jump back in when they win the case, although I think that there will be upward movement when the Appeals Court denies MSO's appeal.

      My CSTR calls are nicely in the green. My TEX calls are green and run until January. I wanted to cover the next earnings report. Simillarly, my NCT calls run until Nov, taking in another earnings report. They are already WAY in the green.I love that stock; a big dividend and a potential to hit $20 in a couple of years.

      What do you think TEX can get to?