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  • jonathan.loewer jonathan.loewer Sep 21, 2012 12:55 PM Flag

    It's Over!!!

    It's Over!... It's all over! This guy bought MSO when it's market cap was over $525mm. Now the company is worth less than 200 million. All along the way, multiple people on this message board (Sandy, Vegas4meandU, MSO Shorter, and myself) warned him over and over again that he was in a speculative stock that had too much downside and not enough upside. He had chances to sell, in 2010 when MSO's CEO went on Mad Money and the stock popped, when Ms. Stewart herself went on CNBC and said she was looking at finding "partners", again when Blackstone was hired and then when the JCP purchase of 16 percent of the company was announced. Through this time, Love/Hate never cashed out.

    He was warned to sell at $7, warned again at $6, when it fell to $5.50 and then to $5, he got mad. It bounced back up to $5.50 and he boasted that big things were coming. The only thing that came was the slow decline to $3.00. All the hype that bounced the stock back up into the 4s and 5s were his last good chance to get out. He's stuck now.

    So, all the old posts, all the old warnings, are all in the past. The good advice was given--NOT from bashers, but from visionaries. So, that's it. It's over!... Finished, finito, fertig, komplet, terminado y acabado, fini, termine... you get the idea!

    Love/Hate can reply, one-star, and thumb down all he wants. It's just a waste of his time now, because the past can't be undone. It's over!

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