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  • jonathan.loewer jonathan.loewer Oct 10, 2012 9:36 AM Flag

    Just Sold my TRLG!

    I bought TRLG at $21.05 two weeks ago, and now the company just put itself up for sale last night. I just got a 25% return on a stock that I have only owned for 2 weeks. Too bad I am only long 100 shares... I was going to buy more later... Oh well, it's still an awesome payoff for only a two-week-long hold of an equity.

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    • Now I can rebuy my TRLG for less than I sold it for last October!... Alright!

      I'll take a chance on that! I'll put in a good-til-canceled order a few percent below here and see if something good doesn't come of it. :-)

      Wish me luck, Everybody!

    • Good for you. I notice that loveLOSINGMonsy puts on one of his/her "disguises" and simultaneously displays his/her envy and stupidity. You made $500, not $100 as he/she states.

      Of course, he/she can't post anything without a reference to his/her obsession with gay pp@rn.

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      • Thank you for the kind congrats, Sandy. As for you Love/Hate, way to show everyone your amazing arithmetic skills: $5x100=$500, not $100.... And of course, not to mention your constant perverted mind, and your jealous and angry attitude.

        Anyway, I used that money and bought another teen retailer, Aeropostale (ARO), on the 17th (200 shares at $12.65), and I just sold all 200 shares at $13.14. I was wanting to use ARO as a long-term turnaround play (buy at $12 or $13 and sell at $22 to $25 for a two-bagger), however, earnings are looking bad and the market is getting crushed today. So I just took my small gain, and called it a day. I may buy into another retailer, Guess?, down here at $24.50, which is only 9 times trailing earnings and equates to a 3% dividend, but like I said, this market is looking like it is turning negative, so we'll see.