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  • clawsmeister clawsmeister Jan 23, 2013 7:59 AM Flag

    LOL at the pervert love/hate/zeke/guy

    love/hate/zeke/guy is not very bright. Whereas most of us on these boards reveal nothing about ourselves other than our opinions on stocks and perhaps politics, love/hate/zeke/guy is like an open book.

    Of course early on he revealed that he is a pathetic investor, but it is what he has reveled with his angry (yet inarticulate) posts directed at me that is he most amusing.

    Anyone who has taken Psych 101 knows that insults hurled blindly at someone about whom the insulter knows little reveal a lot about the fears and insecurities of the insulter. For years now, love/hate/zeke/guy has shown us that the insults that have hurt him most in real life (as opposed to on a Yahoo board) have been about his sexual orientation and non-masculine demeanor. Not content to give us that glimpse of his tormented psyche, he has bombarded the board with disgusting posts that display his strong knowledge of the lingo of gay porn, explaining why these insults strike at a nerve with him.

    What now has me ROTFLMAO is his constant references to working at Taco Bell, which is obviously a hurtful insult in his eyes. Of course, he never posts from the late afternoon until close to midnight. Obviously he has a menial night shift job. LOL

    Here's a dose of reality for you, pervert. After Macy's gets through with Martha in court, your $8 MSO shares will drop below $2.

    A big difference between you and me is that you babble like a little girl about "shorting MSO at 40 cents" a price MSO has never traded at, or jonathan buying CSTR at $87 a price it never traded at, while all I have to do is pull up your dumb posts about MSO being a $10 stock or going to $6 and I "can't do anything about it." I use YOUR words to mock you, while you flail away in the dark at me and haven't landed yet.

    You don't get it do you. I post, push a button and like clockwork you post filth that simply shows the board what a creepy degenerate you are. You're not play acting girlie-man, those posts represent exactly who you are. On an almost daily basis, I get you to hold up your sick disgusting mind for all to see.

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