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  • remmysandoval remmysandoval Jan 27, 2013 11:11 AM Flag

    hey clawpeuss, heard u bought FB! lol lol lol!!!!

    hey, D-$hit, which is bigger
    a: $38, or
    b: $18?

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • A couple of points loser. If you go back and read my posts, you will see that I used a stop loss with FB and lost a grand total of $300. Your new buddy read that post, but he has this passive aggressive technique of lying about others investments to get them to reply. I rub his face in his lies once and only once. Try and remember the term "stop loss position." If you put them in place with your JCP and MSO fiascos, you wouldn't be facing such large tax losses.

      Also, it's not $18. It's $31 now.If you're going to parrot somebody, pick someone other than a documented serial loser (MSO out-of-the-money calls; MSO postion at $8; MPG position at $4; COOL position), a pathological liar and a Yahoo certified perverted degenerate (Yahoo routinely deletes his most disgusting posts)

      What's bigger, my capital gain with JCP puts, or your loss with your JCP long position? LOL, as Ron Johnson was dumping shares, idiots like you were buying.

      What's bigger, my profit on five winning MSO put positions in the last eighteen months or your loss on your MSO position that you posted has a cost basis of $4 a share? At least you're not going to lose as much as love/hate/zeke/guy who is in MSO at $8. Did you know your new buddy lost $10,000 on an ill-advised position in out-of-the-money position in Mar $20 MSO calls a few years ago?

      Your a loser with JCP and a loser with MSO. If you want an education on how to make money in the market, go back over my posts and jonathon's posts for 2012. NCT, TEX, ATRS and ENTR are just four stocks we've discussed and made money on.

      Let's see what the Manhattan Supreme Court rules on the upcoming MSLO/Macy's suit. Then let's see where your MSO and JCP are after the ruling.

      Adios loser. Come back when you have a winner to talk about.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell